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GI Disorders NU102

6 things to consider when client has GI 'itis' Third spacing, infection, fluid problem, inflammation, rupture (peritonitis) & low residue diet
What is gastroenteritis? Inflammation of mucus membrane of GI tract causing frequent diarrhea & vomiting
5 causes of gastroenteritis Intestinal infection (bacteria, virus or fungus), food sensitivity, food intolerance, meds, surgical alteration (short bowel syndrome)
6 Signs major signs of gastroenteritis D, N, V, ab cramps, distention & irritability
3 bacteria causing gastroenteritis E.coli, salmonella & shigella
2 viruses causing gastroenteritis Rotavirus & enteric adenovirus
7 Treatment of gastroenteritis Assess dehydration, vitals, daily weights, strict I&O, bowel rest, fluid replacement HYPOTONIC IV ( K+ may be added) , assess renal function
PEDS fluid & nutrition for gastroenteritis ORT: 1-3 tsp q 10-15 mins ready to feed oral replacement solution Infant=1oz/hr, toddler=2oz/hr & children = 3oz/hr AVOID SIMPLE SUGARS eg. Soda, fruit juice (dilute to half if ORS unavailable ) AVOID COWS MILK
How many cc are there in 1 oz? 1 oz = 30 cc
Target of first 2-4 hrs of ORT for PEDS 50ml/kg
What meds are contraindicated for child with gastroenteritis Antiemetics & antidiarrheal meds
Skin care for child with gastroenteritis Frequent diaper change, wash butt, NO WIPES, apply barrier cream & tepid tub bath
Low residue diet consists of Low fiber foods & good proteins eg. Yoghurt
What part of GI tract is primarily affected by gastroenteritis Small bowel
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