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Professional Nursing

How is nursing an art? Artfully care for patients through compassion, caring, and respect for individual dignity and personal values.
What is Nursing? the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities.
How is Nursing a science? Scientifically care for patients through the nursing body of knowledge which is constantly changing through new discoveries and innovations which result in changing standards of care.
How do Nurses make clinical judgements? Based on Body of Knowledge Experience Standards of Care
What organizations make and govern the codes and laws of nursing? State Board of Nursing. (Nurse Practice Act) American Nurses Association Specialty Nurse Associations National League of Nursing.
What are a few issues causing changes in nursing? Rising health care cost Managed Care
What characteristics make Nursing a profession? and extended education- a body of knowledge- provides a specific service- has autonomy- a code of ethics
What is the breakdown of Nursing education? Professional registered nurse education Diploma (two-three years) Associate Degree (two years) Baccalaureate Degree (four years) Graduate education Doctoral preparation Life long learners Continuing (in-service) education
What are the six principals of practice? Assessment Diagnosis Outcomes Identification Planning > Implementation Evaluation
Describe Florence Nightingale 1860 Nightingale Training School for Nurses St. Thomas Hospital, London England Florence Nightingale First Nursing Theorist First Epidemiologist Improved sanitation and hygiene Reduced mortality rates Volunteered during the Crimean War Lady with t
What nursing milestone occurred in 1882? Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross
What nursing milestone occurred in 1893? Henry Street Settlement opened by Lillian Wald and Harriet Brewster
What nursing milestone occurred in 1922? Sigma Theta Tau established
What nursing milestone occurred in 1923? Goldmark Report A report that identified the need for increased financial support for university based nursing education programs
What nursing mile stone occurred in 1948? 1948-Brown Report Concluded that nursing education programs should be affiliated with universities and have their own budget.
What nursing milestone occurred in 1952? 1952-Dr. Mildred Montag established the first associate degree program
What nursing milestone occurred in 1953? 1953-Graduate education was developed by the National League for Nursing
What nursing milestone occurred in 1960? 1960-Nursing was defined as a profession by Yale School of Nursing
What nursing milestone occurred in 1964? 1964-Nurses Training Act passed; provided millions for nursing education
What nursing milestone occurred in 1965? 1965-Medicare was established & resulted in the birth of managed care.
What nursing milestone occurred in 1985? 1985-American Nurses Association (ANA) published Code of Nurses.
What nursing milestone occurred in 1996? 1996-Pew Report-Studied future needs of nurses and nursing shortages.
What nursing milestone occurred in 2009? 2009-The Great Recession has lessened the nursing shortage.
Describe Dorothea Dix superintendent of the Union Nursed during the Civil War
Describe Mary Ann Ball (Mother Bickerdyke) Organized hospitals, supervised nursed, and walked abandoned battle fields at night looking for soldiers
Describe Mary Mahoney 1st professional trained African-American Nurse. Concerned with relationships between cultures and races. Brought awareness of cultural diversity to the forefront. Encouraged awareness of individual regardless of background, race, color, or religion.
Who was Isabel Hampton Robb? Robb-founded the American Nurses Association (ANA) in 1896
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