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HealthC DeliverySys

Health Care Delivery Systerm

What is Retrospective Payment? Paying a fee for the service you receive.
What is Prospective Payment? Managed Care, spreading the cost of care to those with insurance.
financing health care effects the philosophy of nurses because Values of nursing are rooted in helping persons. In todays world nurses are having to understand the financial areas of health care and it conflicts with their basic value of service. --- Healthcare is more of a business than a service.
What are factors influencing health care expenses? Rising cost of supplies and salaries. Growing elderly population. Increase in uninsured patients.
In order to cut cost, medicine is shifting to ______ care verses _______ of illness shifting to prevention verses treatment of illness
Types of Prevention -Primary -Secondary -Tertiary
What are some primary health care settings? Schools, Dr. Offices, Health Departments, Clinics
What are some secondary and tertiary settings for health care? hospitals, rehab centers, home health
Role of the nurse in an acute care setting -Constant assessment of patients -Identify changes in patients conditions using critical thinking skills. -Modify interventions as patients conditions change -Continually evaluate patients responses to interventions.
Role of the nurse in a hospice setting Nurses focus of symptom management and ensuring patients comfort. Work with multidisciplinary team.
Role of nurses in rural hospitals and clinics often work more independently due to absence of large number of drs. Increasing number of advanced nurse practitioners work in rural settings. A nurse in a rural setting must be extremely competent as independent decisions have to be made in absence of Dr
Role of nurses in restoritive/rehab care nurses work closely with other disciplines. work closely with patients and families to set goals.
Role of a nurse in home health Nurses provide individual care. They have a caseload of patients and assist clients to adapt to permanent or temporary limitations. Requires the nurse to have a strong knowledge base and be able to make independent decisions. Work closely with families.
Errors in Health care 2000 report called “To Err is Human” 44,000-98,000 patient killed each year by med errors Medication related errors cost $2 billion annually The lag between research and their incorporation into patient care is 17 years.
The Future of health care More patients insured. Emphasis on reduction of costs to care for patients (efficiency) High quality patient care Increased continuity of care
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