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Theory Power Point

Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice

What is Domain? The perspective of a profession Provides practical and theoretical orientations for a discipline
What is a Paradigm? Links Science, philosophy, and theories
What does a Theory do? It explains a phenomenon.
What is the Nursing Theory? A conceptualization of some aspect of nursing. It communicates the purpose of describing, explaining, predicting, and prescribing nursing care.
What are the components of a theory? Phenomenon- Concepts- Definitions- Assumptions
What are the types of theory? Grand, Middle-range, Descriptive, Prescriptive
What is the relationship of theories to nursing? Generate nursing knowledge for use in practice. Can direct how to use nursing process Are adaptable to different clients and all care settings
What are the interdisciplinary theories? Systems, Basic human needs(Maslow), Developmental, Psychosocial
Florence Nightingale Through observation and data collection, she linked the clients health status with environmental factors and initiated improved hygiene and sanitary conditions during the Crimean War.
Name and describe Nightingale's theory Descriptive theory- Provides the nurses with a way to think about clients and their environments
Orem's Self-Care Theory Consist of 3 Steps Step 1: determine why a patient needs care. Step 2: design a nursing system & plan the delivery of care Step 3: management of nursing systems- planning, initiating, & controlling nursing actions.
King's Goal Attainment Theory - A conceptual model -Goals are met thru transaction -Three Systems: Personal, interpersonal, social
Watson- Human Caring Theory Holistic. Nursing is the contact and the bond between two individuals.
Major Elements of Human Caring Theory -Carative Factors -Transperonal caring relationship -The caring occasion/caring moment
Betty Nueman- Systems Theory Health is seen as occurring on a continuum, health---illness The client is an open system seeking balance and harmony. Goal for nursing is a stable client system
The link between theory and knowledge development -Nursing knowledge is theoretical and practical -Theories provide direction to nursing research -Nursing theory and nursing research build nursing knowledge base.
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