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Fiscal Planning;

Fiscal Planning in Nursing

Fiscal planning Nurses should play a role, it is not intuitive, it is a learned skill
Complications in healthcare the joining of Cost Containment and quality care
Responsibility accounting Someone is responsible for all accounting planning
Budget Fixed (do not vary), variable, controllable, noncontrollable,
Budget Process Assess, Diagnosis (goal), plan, implementation, evaluation
3 types of budgeting Personnel, operation, capital
NCH/PPD nursing hours worked in 24 hours/patient census
Budgeting methods incremental (used from current year), zero-based (rejustify program needs, decision package), flexible, performance
Critical Pathways The usual route of care for pts of illnesses. Used to cut down on costs and confusion, but sometimes pts do react outside of the norm
Prospective Payment System Healthcare providors receive specified amount, regardless of actual cost of care
Balanced Budget Act Cost containment measures for healthcare and medicaid/medicare
Managed Care system that attempts to integrate efficiency of care, access, and cost
Health Maintenance Organization HMO corporate body funded by insurance premiums, community group, POS (pt gets to choose dr), EPO (must use certain dr or pay out of pocket)
Moral Hazard pt will use healthcare options just because insurance will pay for them--not that they actually need them
Created by: kalensnyder