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the intorlopers

setting in the winter on steep land in the carpathian mountains
mood tense,scary
theme you should not hold a grudge for so long against someone
person vs person ulrich and georg are fighting over the land, after being trapped by the tree. they say they will kill each other
person vs self ulrich asks georg if he wants to end the feud near the end of the story
person vs nature the tree falls on them due to the weather they are probably eaten by the wolves
point of view 3rd omniscient the narrator can tell you that the families have been feuding for 3 generations
major characters ulrich von gradvite and georg znaeym
protagonist ulrich and georg
antagonist thier families , the community wolves
foreshadowing the wind blowing and the animals acting strange FORESHADOWN that the 2 men are trapped by the tree falling and the wolves attacking them
irony it APPEARS the men will be rescued by a group of men in reality they are attacked by wolves so no know they ended the feud
Created by: erineosalgado