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4.26-28 Vocab

Vocab for Caesar Book 4, Chapters 26-28

Acriter sharply, fiercely
Adorior, adoriri, adortus sum arise against, assail, attack
Aliqui, aliqua, aliquod someone, something; anyone, anything, any
Ancora, ancroae, f. anchor
In anchoris at anchor
Circumsisto, circumspicere, circumspexi, circumspectum look (around for or at, consider, examine
Compleo, complere, complevi, completum fill up or completely; complete; cover
Comprehendo, comprehendere, comprehendi, comprehensum grasp or lay hold of, seize, catch, arrest, take, catch (fire)
Continens, contentis, adj. holding together; continuous, unbroken; neighboring, as a noun: mainland, continent
Coorior, cooriri, courts sum arise, spring up, break out
Cursus, cursus, m. running, speed; course, career; passage, voyage
Defero, deferre, detuli, delatum bring from, bring down, carry, take; report, disclose; bring before, refer; bestow, confer
Delatus (sometimes), falling; coming by chance
Deicio, deicere, deieci, deiectum hurl or cast down; dislodge; kill; foil, disappoint
Demonstro, 1 point out; show ; explain; describe; declare; state; say
Desum, deesse, defui, __ be lacking, be absent from, fail
Fuga, fugae, f. flight
In fugam conicere or dare put to flight
Impetus, impetus, m. attack, onset, charge; impetuosity, force, vehemence
Insisto, insistere, institi, __ stand upon; stand firm, take a stand; press on, pursue; with rationem: adopt, use
Longinquus, -a, -um adj. far off, distant, remote; long, long continued
Obses, obsidis, m .and f. one who is guarded, hostage; pledge, security
Occurro, occurrere, occurri, occursum run in the way of, meet; happen upo0n, go to, come to; oppose, counteract; occur
Ordo, ordinis, m row, tier, layer, rank, line of soldiers; arrangement, order; degree, rank
Primi Ordinis centurions of the first rank
Pauci, -ae, -a adj. (rarely used int eh singular) few; asa noun: few persons or things
Perturbo, 1 disturb greatly; throw into confusion, embarrass, disturb; alarm terrify
Polliceor, 2 hold forth, offer, promise, pledge
Pristinus, -a, -um, adj. former, original; previous, preceeding
Propius, adv. And prep. w/ acc. nearer
Quicumque, quaecum que, quodcumque, indefinite rel. pronoun whoever, whatever; whosoever, whatsoever, any …whatever; everyone who, everything that
servo, servare, 1 save, preserve; maintain, keep; guard, watch; reserve
signum, -i., n. mark, sign, signal, watchword; signal for battle, standard, ensign
singularis,-e, adj. one at a time, one by one; single, alone; singular, remarkable, extraordinary, matchless
subsidium , -I, n. sitting in reserve; reserve force, reserves; help, aid, assistance
superior, -ius, adv. over above
superaro, superare, 2 overmatch, go over; be superior to ; surpass; conquer; master, overcome; prevail; be left over; remain
supra, adv. And prep w/ acc as adv. = before, previously; as prep with acc = above; before
tempestas, tempestatis, f. time, season; weather, usually bad weather, storm, tempest
ultro, adv to or on the farther side, beyond; of one’s own accord; voluntarily; spontaneously; without provocation; besides; moreover
unde, adv. from which place, whence
uterque, utraque, utrumque, adj. each of two, either of two, both
vero (adv) in tuth, truly, really, indeed; but however, on the other hand
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