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ME lec 3


*What does HNLC stand for? High nitrate, low chlorophyll
*Describe the phytoplankton community response to iron addition in IronEx II diatom increased in growth and biomass, huge spike, composition changes from cyanobacteria to diatom
*Describe bottom-up and top-down control in the enriched patch in IronExII. bottom-up: cell division rates limited by iron, diatoms and other phytoplankton increased b/c of slow reproduction and development of their mesozooplankton grazers; Top-down: micrograzers could keep up with increase of cyanobacterium and control
What was the natural source of iron to euphotic waters discussed in class? plume of dust from Alaskan glacial sediments, or from vast deserts like Sahara; dust storm
Why did it take primary production longer to peak in Soiree than in IronEx II? b/c of temp of different bodies of water, polar and tropical
*Why did the phytoplankton community shift in dominance from pico- and nanophytoplankton to pennate diatoms in Soiree and IronEx II? ultimate control of phytoplankton was by iron supply and proximal control by micrograzers, which led to shift b/c micrograzers could keep up with increase in cyanobacterium, but mesozooplankton grazers couldn't with diatom growth
*What was the dominant forcing factor for maximum chlorophyll concentration in the Ocean Iron Enrichment experiments? wind mixed layer depth
Does Ocean Iron Fertilization appear to be a good mitigation strategy for greenhouse gas emissions? no b/c tried and mass mortality of large diatom bloom = rapidly sinking aggregates of cells and chains, could sequester carbon for many centuries; could be acceptable in damaged parts of ocean to avoid mass global catastrophe, more studies need to be done
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