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Shelmerdine 06

Shelmerdine Latin Chapter 6 no macrons

Imperative Verbs - 1st Conjugation 2S - ama; 2P - amate
Imperative Verbs - 2nd Conjugation 2S - doce; 2P - docete
Vocative Case (direct address) Usually nominative singular, nominative plural
Vocative Case - exceptions 2nd declension; NS -us -> NS -e; NS -ius -> NS -> i
cēna, cēnae, f. dinner
exemplum, exemplī, n. example
fīlia, fīliae, f. daughter
fīlius, fīliī, m. son
Ītalia, Ītaliae, f. Italy
pecūnia, pecūniae, f. money, property
populus, populī, m. people; nation
rēgīna, rēgīnae, f. queen
vīta, vītae, f. life
intrō, intrāre, intrāvī, intrātus to enter
maneō, manēre, mānsī to remain, stay
nūntiō, nūntiāre, nūntiāvī, nūntiātus to announce, report
parō, parāre, parāvī, parātus to prepare
laetus, laeta, laetum happy; fertile
novus, nova, novum new; strange
Rōmānus, Rōmāna, Rōmānum Roman
diū for a long time
semper always
dē (+ abl.) down from; about, concerning
propter (+ acc.) because of, on account of
sine (+ abl.) without
enim (postpositive) for; in fact; yes, truly
Created by: thomas.macri