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Nur219 Newborn

APGAR score measures what 5 things Skin color, Heart rate, Reflex irriability, muscle tone, & breathing
Preterm infants have less recoil because they have less ____ Muscle Tone
The umbilicus has how many arteries and veins 2 arteries and 1 vein
____ reflex is the fencer position Tonic Neck
____ reflex is a response to sudden movement or loud noise and should be one symmetric extension and abduction of arms with fingers extended Moro
____ reflex is when the newborn turns in direction of stimulus to cheek or mouth and opens mouth and begins to suck rhythmically when finger or nipple is inserted into mouth rooting and sucking reflex
____ reflex is a grasp of adult finger when palm is stimulated Palmar Grasp
____ reflex is when toes curl downard when sole of foot is stimulated Plantar grasp
What are normal head circumferences? 13-14 inches, 1 inch larger than chest circumference.
What are normal chest circumferences? 12-13 inches
Normal head to heel length 19-21 inches
How do you know the baby is getting enough to eat? 6 to 10 wet diapers & 1 bm per day
How should the posterior fontanel appear? Should be triangular in the center of the back of the head. Closes 2-3 months
How should the anterior fontanel appear? Should be diamond shaped, at the top of the front of the head. Sunken fontanel is a sign of dehydration, closes at approx 8-18 mos
How should the skin look in a newborn? Bright red, puffy & smooth at birth. Second to third day, pink, flaky & dry. Vernix caseosa will be present, more in preterm, less in past due infant.
Unossified areas of the skull bones Soft Spots Sunken or buldging is abnormal
The umbillical cord should appear blueish white- moist. Once cut it begins to dry and turns yellow-green-brown. Drys through a process of dry gangrene.
PKU- Phenylketonuria An inborn metabolic disorder characterized by abnormal presence of phenylketone and other metabolites of phenylalanine in the urine. Babies cannot digest a different part of food protein. Can cause nerve & brain cell damage and lead to mental retardation.
For childern younger than 1 year the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the use of ___ Breast Milk
If breast feeding has been discontinued then ________commercial formula should be used. Iron Fortified.
Newborn Temperture 97.7-100 Degrees F. 100.5= high
Newborn Heart Rate/Pulse 120-140 beats per minute
Newborn Respirations 30-60 breaths/minute
Newborn blood Pressure 65 over 41
Cephalocaudal Growth (head to tail) upper end of the organism develops with greater rapidity than and before the lower end of the organism
Proximodistal Growth (near to far) growth process from the central axis of the body toward the extremities
Bilateral Growth (side to side)capavity for growth and development of structures is symetric.
What is conductive heat loss? Heat transferred from a heat source (neonate) to an object that is colder when the two are in contact.
What is convective heat loss? Loss of heat by air movement - open door, air conditioning vent
What is evaporative heat loss? Heat loss related to moisture on skin, wet linens or clothes.
What is radiant heat loss? Heat loss between a warm surface (neonate) and cold room.
What position will conserve heat loss in newborn? Flexed position, arms and legs drawn up under abdomen.
What is deep sleep? Baby is very quiet with very little movement, no facial or eye movement. Breathing is smooth & regular, very difficult to awaken.
What is light sleep? Active sleep, eye fluttering & body movements. Breathing is shallow & irregular. Baby may make crying or fussing sounds. Baby may console self back to sleep. Babies spend most of their sleep time in this state. Can be aroused easily.
What is the quiet alert state? Time when baby is still and ready for interaction. May smile and follow objects with eyes. Best time for parent interaction - talking, singing, playing
Respiratory rate of a 12 month old 20-30 Breaths/minute
Infant Pulse Rate 100 Beats/minute
Ability to conjugate bilirubin and secret bile is present after_____ 2 Weeks
Average 12 Month old has___ teeth 4-8
When the infant's needs are consistently met, the infant develops this sense of trust. But if the parent or caregiver is inconsistent in meeting the infant's needs in a timely manner, then the infant develops a sense of mistrust. Trust Vs Mistrust
Color Vision Develops by ___ months 7 Months
Ability to swallow solid foods doesn't become completely functional until_______ 4-6 months
When should solid foods be introduced? 4-6 months
Colic~When dose it resolve?~ Possible causes? inconsolable crying that lasts 3 hours or longer per day and for which there is no physical cause.~3 months~gastorintestinal/ neurological problems, temperament or paretning styles.
The Denver II is a test for _____ childern Normal children without problems
Purpose of the Denver II detect potential developmental problems in young children & monitor children at risk for developmental problems
The Denver II can be tested on children ages___ to ___ 1 week - 6.5 years
The Denver II test what areas of development? Personal-social, fine motor, language & gross motor (also has 5 subjective 'test behavior' items
A Delay in the Denver II is any failed or refused item that falls completely to the left of the age line.
A Caution in the Denver II is any item failed or refused where the age line runs through the 75th and 90th percentiles.
A Normal Denver II is No Delays & a maximum of one caution.
A Suspect Denver II is 2 or more Cautions and or 1 or more delays. Rescreen after 1-2 weeks
An Untestable test result is Refused items would be delays or cautions if scored as failures.
Created by: dgreen158