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simplified chinese

qin2 a general name for certain musical instrument
shen4 very, extremely, more than before
甚至 shen4 zhi4 even, (go) so far as to, so much so that
tian2 field
由不得 you2 bu4 de2 not be up to sb. to decide
疯狂 feng1 kuang2 insane
pen2 basin, tub, pot
监牢 jian1 lao2 prison
sheng4 flourishing, prosperous
相比 xiang1 bi3 compare with, in comparison with
sheng3 econimize, save
矛盾 mao2 dun4 contradiction
zhi4 wisdom, resoursefulnes
kan3 cut, chop, hack, hew
破坏 po4 huai4 destroy, wreck
ying4 hard, stiff, solid
确定 que4 ding4 define, fix, determine
li3 ceremony, rite
社会 she4 hui4 society
zhu4 express good wishes, wish
jin4 prohibit, forbid, ban
xiu4 elegant, beautiful
秋天 qiu1 tian1 autumn
秘密 mi4mi4 secret, mystery
zu1 rent, hire, charter
稳定 wen3 ding4 stable, steady
究竟 jiu1 jing4 outcome, what actually happened
qiong2 poor, poverty-stricken, badly off
chuang1 window
竞赛 jing4 sai4 competition, contest
jing4 finish, complete
ben4 stupid, dull, foolish
笼子 long2 zi cage
jin1 muscle, tendon
jing1 estract, essence
精华 jing1 hua2 essence, cream, quintessence
精度 jing1 du4 precision, 高 精 度….(alta pr.)
精灵 jing1 ling2 spirit, demon, clever, smart
ji4 tie, fasten, button up
xi4 system, series, deparment, faculty
jin3 tight, close, taut
约会 yue1 hui4 appointment
ji2 level rank
zhi3 paper
包 装 纸 bao1 zuang1 zhi3… wrapping paper
线 xian4 wire, clue, line
组织 zu3 zhi1 organize, form
细节 xi4 jie2 details, particulars
经济 jing1 ji4 economical, economy
结帐 jie2 zhang4 pay off, pay the bill
结束 jie2 shu terminate, finish up
结构 jie2 gou4 structure, composition
结果 jie2 guo3 result, outcome, ending
rao4 confuse, baffle
ji3 supply, provide
绝不 jue2 bu4 absolutely not, impossible
继续 ji4 xu4 continue, go on
sheng2 rope cord, string
chou2 silk fabric
缘分 yuan2 fen4 lot or luck by wich people are brought together
老板 lao3 ban3 boss, propietor, shopkeeper
考核 kao3 he2 exam, check, asses
zhe3 patriot
耐心 nai4 xin1 patience
耽误 dan1 wu4 delay, hold up (blank)
职业 zhi2 ye4 occupation, profession, vocation
fei2 fat, fertile, rich
背叛 bei4 pan4 betray, forsake
bang3 upper arm, arm, shoulder
自大 zi4 da4 arrogant, pompous
舍弃 she3 qi4 abbandone, give up
节操 jie1 cao1 high moral principle,integrity
节日 jie1 ri festival, holiday
节目 jie1 mu4 program, item, number
ruo4 like, seem, as if
rong2 honor, glory
表面 biao3 mian4 surface, outside apparence
祖先 zu3 xian1 ancestry, ancestor, forefathers
规定 gui1 ding4 regulation, to stipulate
jiao3 corner, angle
解放 jie3 fang4 liberate, fang4
解决 jie3 jue2 solve, resolve, settle
解释 jie3 shi4 explain, expound, interpret
chu4 touch, get in contact
ding4 reserve, book a room etc
讨厌 tao3 yan4 disagreeable, disgusting
记者 ji4 zhe3 reporter
讲价 jiang3 jia4 to bargain
she4 set up, establish, found
设备 she4 bei4 equipment, installation
zhi4 remember, commit to the memory
shi4 try, test, attempt
诚实 cheng2 shi2 honest
误会 wu4 hui4 misunderstand
gu3 1) valley, gorge 2) cereal, grain
负责 fu4 ze4 be responsible, be in charge
责任 ze2 ren4 duty, responsibility, have a grave responsibility
tan1 corrupt, venal, greedy
gui4 expensive, costly, dear
fei4 fee, spend, expend
资料 zi1 liao4 data, material,information
du3 to gamble
yue4 get over, jump over, exceed
zu2 1) foot, leg, 2) sufficient, enough,
tiao4 jump, leap, spring, bounce, hop
车祸 che1 huo4 traffic accident
ruan3 soft, flexible, supple
qing1 light
轻声 qing1 sheng1 in a soft voice
轻松 qing1song1 take it ease
bian4 argue, dispute, debate
过程 guo4 cheng2 course, process
进步 jin4 bu4 advance, progress, improve
进行 jin4 xing2 be in progress, be underway
退回 tui4 hui2 return back
退房 tui4 fang3 check out (hotel)
xuan3 select, pick, choose
tou4 penetrate, to intimate
zao4 make, build create
jiao1 suburbs, outskirt
liang4 1) capacity, volume, 2) quantity, amount
钥匙 yao4 shi key
tie3 iron (fe)
jie1 steps, stairs
阻止 zu3 zhi3 prevent, stop, hold back
chu2 get rid of it, eliminate, remove
pei2 accompany
隐情 yin3 qing2 facts one wish to hide
ji2 gather, collect assemble
雇主 gu4 zhu3 employer
雇员 gu4 yuan2 employee
非但 fei1 dan not only
kao4 lean against, lean on
ding3 crown, peak, top
shun4 in the same direction as, with
顾客 gu4 ke4 customer, client, shopper
yan2 1) face, countenance, 2)face prestige
颜色 yan2 se colors
食物 shi2 wu4 food, eatables
rao2 rich, plentiful (blank)
饿 e4 1) hungry,
饿死 e4 si3 starving
xiang1 fragrant, sweet smelling
pian4 deceive, fool, hoodwink, cheat
gu3 bone
gui3 ghost, spirit
麻烦 ma2 fan2 troublesome, inconvenient
默许 mo4 su3 tacitly consent
全力以赴 chuan2 li4 yi3 fu4 no spare effort to reach one target
有…倾向 you……qing1 xiang4 1) has the tendency to, 2) tend to
Created by: alexyzel
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