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la retake vocab

bemused confused The old man bemused me with his babbling.
antagonists adversaries opponents a person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something; an adversary: he turned to confront his antagonist.
propitiation appeasement Propitiate the gods.
licentious having no regard for accepted rule or standards We were treated by that corrupt policeman in a most licentious manner
evade escape or avoid by cleverness or deceit A man who could have easily evaded his captors.
ecstatic in a state of exalted delight Ecstatic to see their favorite band on stage.
calumny false statements knowingly made to injure someone
prodigious extraordinary marvelous wonderful; amazing
conjured summoned by oath or spell to call upon or entreat solemnly, esp. by some oath
faction small group usually contentious within a larger group
abominations thing that elicit great dislike or abhorrence An example of abomination is a serial killer.
inert unable to move or act
hypocrites people who say they believe one way , but whose actions show they believe
partisan militant supporter of a party cause faction or idea
calumny false statement knowingly made to injure someone
prodigious extraordinary marvelous
quail to lose courage decline fail give way
anarchy political disorder and confusion
ascertain find out; detect Ascertain the truth.
Diabolism witchcraft; sorcery
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