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vc lvn respiratory

vc lvn respiratory quiz

Respiratory to breath again
Inspiration breathing in or inhalatio
Expiration breathing out or exhalation
alveoli clusters of air sacs; functional of units of lung
dyspnea difficult or painful breathing
Respiration exchange of gases, oxygen and carbon dioxide
External Respiration occurs between outside enviromental lungs
ox/o,oxia, o2 combining forms for oxygen
carbon dioxide controls rate of breathing
internal respiration exchange of oxygen co2 @ cellular level
tachypnea fast breathing
pnemon/o, pneum/o,pulmon/o combining forms for lungs
right lung 3 lobes, superior, middle, inferior
left lung 2 lobes, superior, inferior
Diaphragm muscle of respiration
eupnea normal breathing
pleura 2 membranes that enclose protect each lung
parietal pleura outer layer of lining attached to chest wall
visceral pleura inner layer of lungs
hemoptysis coughing up spitting blood
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
pnemonitis ,pneumonia inflammation of lungs
pharyng/o combining form throat/pharnyx
epiglottis prevents food from entering lungs
larnyx voice box
trachea windpipe
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