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Quiz One

Quiz One - Genetics Fall 2007

What is the cell structure present in eukaryotic cells and absent from prokaryotic cells Nucleus
What is the nucleolus made of mRNA
What is the unit of hereditary which may produce multiple proteins Gene
What is the function of the Golgi apparatus post translational protein modification
Which key protein accepts cell membrane signals and transfers them to internal messenger systems by activating cytoplasmic enzymes G protein
Which mitotic phase has chromosomes lining up along the equatorial plate Metaphase
What is the outcome of meiosis Daughter cells with N ploidy
What is the unique step in meiosis which produces the phenotype variety in offspring Crossover (Recombination)
What is one of a family of two or more genes that may occupy a locus Allele
What is an epigenetic change Modification of a gene such as methylation that silences the gene
How much of the human genome is non-coding 95%
On mRNA, what is the poly-A region A sequence of up to 200 adenines on the 3' end
What is the promotor sequence AUG (methionine)
Name the stop codons UAG UAA UGA
What form of RNA binds an amino acid and attaches it to the growing polypeptide chain in response to a specific codon Transfer RNA (tRNA)
What is the unexpressed portion of an eukaryotic gene Intron
In many bacteria, there is a portion of DNA seperate from the genomic DNA, what is it called? Plasmid
DNA is the template for heterogenous nuclear RNA (hnRNA). What is the term for hnRNA production? Transcription
What is the base that is complementary to adenine, and how many hydrogen bonds hold them together Thymine and two hydrogen bonds
Which enzyme catalyzes the extension to the daughter DNA molecule upon the template DNA polymerase
What is a limitation of ethidium bromide dye Carcinogen (mutagen)
What is a good way to store extracted DNA for an extended period of time Freeze at -70 degrees centigrade
In the Qiagen solid phase precipitation method for DNA extraction, what is the medium the DNA binds during separation Silica column
In the PureGene organic method for DNA extraction what solvent causes DNA to precipitate Isopropanol
What kind of human specimen is best for calculating viral load Serum or plasma
SDS purpose In PAGE is to denature to make into smaller fragments
Capillary electorphoresis is automated as in gene sequencing
Restriction endonucleases are named as enzymes that restrict phage infections of E. Coli
What are restriction enzymes used for? RFLP
Southern Blot DNA separated by gel electophoresis by transferring the bands from gel to nylon then treating with a probe.
Vacuum or electo-blotting technique used to speed up band transfer when performing Southern Blot
Western blot electrophoresis blot method that analyses proteins and polypeptides.
Denature DNA with NaOH before transferring to membrane Method used to support probe hybridization in Southern Blot
What is a Variable Number Tandem Repeat? Untranslated repeated base pair sequences up to 100 bp
Created by: mlynnm727