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Nursing 270 Exam 3b

Thyroid Disorders, Pituitary & Adrenal Disorders

Primary hypofunction destruction of gland/blocked secretion-infarction, infection, autoimmmune disorder, neoplasm
primary hyperfunction excessive hormone production, tumor, or tissue hyperplasia
Iatrogenic disorders induced by medicaion rx for nonendocrine disorder or excessive rx of endocrine disorder-chemo, radiation, surgical, removal, decreased blood supply to gland, high dose steroids
Thyroid gland -located on the anterior of neck -has 2 lobes joined by a thin isthmus that lies in front of trachea -rich blood supply -right side has greater blood supply -right often larger than left lobe
What does the thyroid produce? -Triiodothyronine (T3) -Thyroxine (T4) -Calcitonin -Synthesis of thyroid hormones involves many steps -need sufficient intake/absorption of iodine and protein
Iodine imp in production of T3 & T4
What does the amount of T3 & T4 effect? -production of Growth Hormone -stimulation of thermogenesis -synthesis of many proteins, enzymes, hormones, & metabolism of cholesterol & triglycerides
What are the 3 most common thyroid problems? -underactive thyroid -overactive thyroid -thyroid nodules
What is a goiter? -enlarged thyroid gland -associated with hypothyroidism
What is Myxedema? -describes several conditions due to acquired hypothyroid
What is Cretinism? congenital hypothyroid
What is Thyroiditis -toxic thyroid -caused by destruction of the gland by drugs or trauma
What are some symptoms of HYPERthyroidism? -Sweating -Tremors & tachycardia -Intolerance to heat -Nervousness -Goiter -hyperkinesis -wt loss -anxiety, weakness -rapid speech -moist skin -fatigue, exhausted -frequent bowel movements -shorter or lighter menstrual periods
What are some symptoms of HYPOthyroidism? -Fatigue or lack of energy -wt gain -feeling cold -dry skin & hair -HEAVY menstral periods -constipation -slowed thinking
Created by: cmunchaquita04