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Daimon Vocabulary for Quizzes 3 & 4 (miles - relinquo)

miles militis, m. = soldier
dum (adv.) = while
lente (adv.) = slowly
gladius gladii, m. = sword
peto petere, petivi, petitus = to seek; to attack
deinde (adv.) = next, then
suus -a, -um = his/her/its//their (own)
caput capitis, n. = head
scutum scuti, n. = shield
sinister sinistra, sinistrum = left
dexter dextra, dextrum = right
manus manus, f. = hand [this is a 4th decl. noun!]
territus -a, -um = scared, terrified
aliquis, aliquid = someone, something
effugio effugere, effugi, --- = to escape, to run away
comparo (1) = to bring together
rete retis, n. = net
funis funis, m. = rope
atque = and
rotundus -a, -um = round
ancora ancorae, f. = anchor
gracilis -e = slender
latus lateris, n. = side
ligo (1) = to tie, bind
adligo (1) = to tie, bind to [ligo + prep. ad]
levis -e = light (in weight)
gravis -e = heavy; serious, grave
frango frangere, fregi, fractus = to break
cado cadere, cecidi, casus = to fall
vox vocis, f. = voice
caveo cavere, cavi, cautus = to beware, to be cautious
cedo cedere, cessi, cessus = to give up, yield to
numquam (adv.) = never
itaque = and so
fortitudo fortitudinis, f. = bravery
cupio cupire, cupivi, cupitus = to desire
navicula naviculae, f. = little boat
do dare, dedi, datus = to give
peritus -a, -um = skilled
primus -a, -um = first
verbum verbi, n. = word
cibus cibi, m. = food
soror sororis, f. = sister
secundus -a, -um = favorable; second
ventus venti, m. = wind
brevis -e = short, brief
pes pedis, m. = foot
faux faucis, f. = jaw
antiquus -a, -um = old
stringo stringere, strinxi, strinctus = to draw (a sword, etc.)
squama squamae, f. = scale (of an animal)
durus -a, -um = hard, tough
oculus oculi, m. = eye
vulnero (1) = to wound, injure
aperio aperire, aperui, apertus = to open
salio salire, salui, saltus = to jump, leap
prehendo prehendere, prehendi, prehensus = to grab hold of
quod (conjunction) = because
iterum (adv.) = again
vehementer (adv.) = violently
contendo contendere, contendi, contentus = to struggle
servo (1) = to save
parvus -a, -um = small, little
ago agere, egi, actus = to drive; to make, do, act
altus -a, -um = high; deep
lux lucis, f. = light
fluo fluere, fluxi, fluxus = to flow
mox (adv.) = soon
libamentum libamenti, n. = libation
oleum olei, n. = (olive) oil
effundo [NOTE TYPO ON YOUR VOCAB SHEET!] effundere, effudi, effusus = to pour out
oro (1) = to pray
auxilium auxilii, n. = help, aid, assistance
prope (+ acc.) = near
capio capere, cepi, captus = to capture, take
pars partis, f. = part, portion
ante (+ acc.) = before; in front of
tergum tergi, n. = back (as in body part)
albus -a, -um = white
relinquo relinquere, reliqui, relictus = to leave behind, relinquish
Created by: simsma