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MS Music 1

Middle School Music Stock Clues 1

Kreutzer Sonata Beethoven
sets Schiller's poem ode to Joy to music Beethoven
fate knocking at the door theme Beethoven
the creatures of Prometheus Beethoven
Fidelio Beethoven
wrote Eroica to honor Napoleon Beethoven
Eine kleine nachtmusik Mozart
the Magic flute Mozart
Jupiter Symphony Mozart
Don Giovanni Mozart
cosi fan tutte Mozart
uncompleted requiem Mozart
Rival with Salieri Mozart
Swan Lake Tchaikovsky
sleeping beauty Tchaikovsky
Nutcracker Tchaikovsky
1812 overture Tchaikovsky
Carabosse sleeping beauty by Tchaikovsky
dance of the sugar Plum fairy Tchaikovsky
Pathétique Tchaikovsky
the mouse king the Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky
Lohengrin Wagner
flight of the Valkyries Wagner
ring of the Nibelung Wagner
the Flying Dutchman Wagner
Opera concerning Siegfried Wagner
Tristan and Isolde Wagner
the Ring cycle Wagner
gotterdammerung Wagner
used bongos and maracas Gershwin
Porgy and Bess Gershwin
catfish Row Porgy and Bess by Gershwin
Rhapsody in blue Gershwin
summertime Gershwin
began a work with the clarinet glissando Gershwin
an American in Paris Gershwin
Appalachian Spring Copland
fanfare for the common man Copland
simple gifts Copland
rodeo Copland
clarinet Concerto played by Benny Goodman Copland
Billy the Kid Copland
surprise Symphony Haydn
clocks Symphony Haydn
farewell Symphony Haydn
a loud chord in a quiet passage Haydn
miracle Symphony Haydn
the London symphonies Haydn
William Tell Rossini
the Barber of Seville Rossini
shooting an apple on top of his sons head William Tell by Rossini
the thieving magpie Rossini
Silver spoon is stolen Rossini
Brandenburg concertos Bach
Goldberg variations Bach
toccata and fugue Bach
the well tempered Clavier Bach
mass in B minor Bach
St. Matthew passion Bach
the contest between harmony and invention Vivaldi
the four seasons Vivaldi
red priest Vivaldi
the hunt Vivaldi
the sea storm Vivaldi
pleasure Vivaldi
l'estro armonico Vivaldi
Bizet opera Carmen
works in a cigarette factory Carmen
seguidilla aria Carmen
habanera aria Carmen
Escamillo Carmen
Spanish gypsy Carmen
toreador song Carmen
clair de lune Debussy
Prelude to the afternoon of a faun Debussy
the children's corner Debussy
la Mer Debussy
Hungarian rhapsodies Liszt
Mephisto waltz Liszt
mazeppea Liszt
mostly based on gypsy songs Liszt
hallelujah chorus Handel
Messiah Handel
Zadok the priest Handel
water music Handel
the harmonious blacksmith Handel
famous lullaby Brahms
variations on the theme of Paganini Brahms
Beethoven's 10th Brahms
the German Requiem Brahms
Hungarian dances Brahms
honorary doctorate from the University of Breslau Brahms
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