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ICND2 Study

ICND2 Study Stack Flashcards

Distance Vector Protocols send what: Send the entire table to directly connected routers.
Link State Protocols send what: Details about their directly connected links to all other routers on the network.
Administrative Distace for connected route: 0
Administrative Distace for static route 1
Administrative Distace for EIGRP summary 5
Administrative Distace for external BGP 20
Administrative Distace for EIGRP 90
Administrative Distace for IGRP 100
Administrative Distace for OSPF 110
Administrative Distace for ISIS 115
Administrative Distace for RIP 120
Administrative Distace for External EIGRP 170
Administrative Distace for Internal BGP 200
Administrative Distace for unknown 255
Numbers in square brackets on routes are [ / ] Distance / Metric
What does Frame Relay use to build tables of mappings from layer 3 addresses to PVC's Inverse ARP (show frame-relay map)
What is a DLCI Data Link Connection Identifier is a reference number between the logical DTE (router uasually) and works with the FrameRelay switch
When performing Frame-Relay troubleshooting - first step: Put interface in HDLC encapsulation
BECN in Frame Relay = Backward Explicit congestion Notification
FECN in Frame Relay = Forward Explicit Congestion Notification
Frame Relay DE bit is what A Discard Eligibility which tells the switch the frame is less important.
ppp authentication requires what of password Same password on all routers
On frame relay point-to-multipoint has what issues when split horizon enabled - what fixes this issue Split horizon breaks route summarization. Create sub-interfaces.
Point to Point serial links in IPV4 require what of addresses? That they are in the same subnet
What does LMI stand for Local Management Interface
DLC's need to be mapped to what type of IP addresses Same subnet. Multiple ranges for multiple circuits.
On a serial DTE interface - who determines clock rate CSU/DSU
What do LMI's do Determine operational status of PVCs it knows, Transmit Keepalives every 10 secs, Tell the router what PVC's exist
In show frame-relay map for dynamic - what does the IP address refer to Remote router - learned by inverse ARP
CIR stands for what Commited Information Rate
RIP V1 and V2 Metrics Distance Vector: Hop Count
BGP Metrics Complicated path attribute metrics
OSPF Metrics Bandwidth to compute path 'cost'
EIGRP Default Metrics Bandwidth and Delay by default
Which router command is used on a stub network ip classless
Which command displays all EIGRP feasible successor routes? show ip eigrp topology
How to see EIGRP neighbors show ip eigrp neighbors
Three characteristics of OSPF routing protocol usage 1: Quick conversion, 2: Uses cost to determine best route, 3: OSPF routers discover neighbors before exhanging routes
EIGRP Routing metrics: [x/y] x = Feasible Distance y = Advertised Distance
Which IPsec security protocol should be used when confidentiality is required ESP [Encapsulation Security Protocol] - the security protocol used by ipsec. Based on encryption and algorithm and a key.
Reason for OSPF heirarchical areas: 1: Confine instability to 1 area, 2: speed up convergence, 3: Reduce routing overhead.
Which two nat staements about static NATs are true: They are aleays present in NAT table, 2 they allow connection to be initiated from the outside.
What is the adavantage of multipoint interface instead of p2p for framerelay? IP addresses can be conserved if VLSM is not being used for subnetting.
IPV6 all-router multicast group FF02::2
IPV6 All-nodes multicast group FF02::1
IPV6 EIGRP routers group FF02::A
IPV6 OSPF routers group FF02::5
IPV6 OSPF DR group FF02::6
IPV6 equivilent of loopback address ::1
How to get DLCI from priv mode? show frame-relay map
How to get a static frame-relay map format correct? frame-relay map ip x.x.x.x DLCI broadcast. You need the address and local DLCI
RSTP statements that are true RSTP defines new port rules (Root, etc) and is compatible with original STP
What command shows memory usage by displaying flash and NVRAM utilization show file systems
Purpose of inverse ARP map known DLCI to an IP
What elects a root bridge on PVST+? Lowest MAC address
Show frame-relay map displays what? Value of local DLCI & status of PVC that is configured on the router.
what is the serial connection settings default which should be selected for non cisco routers PPP
Name two true statements about dynamic access lists They are used to authenticate individual users, and they are used for simpler management in large internetworks.
CHAP has what for one way authentication a Three way handshake and occasional authentication periods.
Show only switchports command sh interfaces switchport
Show only trunks command sh interfaces trunk
show only vlan details sh vlan id x
How long does PVST listen 15 sec
How long does PVST learn 15 sec
After PVST listen and learn what happens? forwarding or blocking
EIGRP Multicast address
Steps to enable EIGRP 1: router ip eigrp x 2: network addresses and wildcard 3: change interface hello and hold timers 4: Set bandwidth and delay values 5: Configure EIGRP authentication 6: Configure multiple equal-cost route
Where does an accesslist with 1-99 go closest to? Destination (standard)
Where does and access-list with 101-199 go closest to? Source (extended)
Named ACL Chacteristics: You can delete individual statements in a named acl Named ACL must be specified and STD or EXTD You can use the ip access-list command to create named ACLs
What shows if an ACL is applied to an interface? Show ip interface [interface]
What are the EIGRP metrics in the route brackets [xxxx/xxxx] Feasible Distance / Advertised Distance
What is EIGRP Advertised distance? Advertised Distance is the metric that is reported by neighbor routers.
What is EIGRP Feasible Distance? Feasible Distance is the advertised distance + the calculated cost of the link to get there.
What is an EIGRP Feasible Successor Feasible Successors are routes which are guaranteed to be route free.
OSPF HELLO PROTOCOLS Maintains neighbor relationships Provides dynamic neighbor discovery
OSPF hello packet includes two important timers which are: Hello interval and Dead interval. Dead = 4x hello so 4 can be sent between missed hello and link death.
What is required for all EIGRP routers to form relationships? EIGRP required AS number on all EIGRP neighbors
OSPF discovery sequence number 1 Neighbors discovered with hello packets and placed into 'Neighbor Table'
OSPF discovery sequence number 2 Reliable TCP protocol used to send Link State Advertisements and topology information.
OSPF discovery sequence number 3 Learned topology data placed into 'topology database'
OSPF discovery sequence number 4 Each router runs the SPF algorithm (Djikstra) to calculate shortest path for it.
OSPF discovery sequence number 5 Best routes placed into the IP routing table.
RIP 2 uses what port and multicast address? RIP - UDP 524 / Multicast
OSPF network statements use what? Wildcard masks
What does EIGRP and OSPF need to enabled on them for routing to work on disparate networks no auto-summary
Show frame-relay map gives you what? p = command to verify DLCI destination address in a frame relay static configuration.
In eigrp-topology what is the successor and feasible successors successor = Best route feasible successor = other good routes without loops
What is the NAT inside local address? to IP address that is assigned to a host on the inside network. The address is probably not a public IP
What is the NAT inside global address? a legitimate IP address that represents one or more inside local IP addresses to the world.
What is the NAT outside local address? The IP address of an outside host as it appears to the inside network. Not necessarily a legitimate address, it was allocated from maddress space routable on the inside.
What is the NAT outside global address? the IP address assigned to a host on the outside network by the hostsowner. Globally routable.
Dynamic NAT with overload is also called what? PAT (Port Address Translation)
In a NAT table what does a * mean? It was fast switched
How do you verify if NAT is providing translations? show ip nat translations
How do you apply an access list to a debug? debug ip packet <acl#> det
How do you debug NAT? debug ip nat
What is the EIGRP successor route? The proven route to the destination with the lowest administrative cost.
Created by: pkillur
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