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FNP Review 9

GI general approach

T/F: Elderly are less likely to feel pain with abdominal conditions and do not always present with the classic symptoms or lab findings. True
T/F: Elderly people are less likely to have vague diffuse pain and tend to has less acute presentation. False Eldery people are more likely to have vague diffuse pain and tend to has less acute presentation.
T/F: Iron deficiency anemia in a male, postmenopausal female, or elderly patient always warrants an upper and lower endoscopy to rule out GI source of bleeding or cancer. True
T/F: Antidiarrheals should never be given to patients under 5 years old, nor any patient with bloody diarrhea, fever, fecal leukocytes and abdominal pain. True There is possible development of systemic infection from retained toxin.
T/F: All tender, nonreducible hernias must be referred to a surgeon for prompt evaluation. True
T/F: Always repeat abdominal exam before discharging the patient to validate initial results or detect new findings. True
T/F: Always examine the tender area first. False Always examine the tender area last to avoid referred pain.
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