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Mechanism of Injury

Bold Black Words

Mechanism of injuryMOI Answer
the cavity in the body tissue formed by a pressure wave resulting from the kinetic energy of a bullet Cavitation
the way energy is transferred to the human body by the force acting upon it Dissipation of energy
factor that slows an object down drag
energy contained in a moving body kinetic energy
the branch of mechanics dealing with the motion of material bodies kinetics
science of mechanisms of energy kinetics of trauma
how a person is injured mechanism of energy
the impact point of a bullet profile
the path of a projectile trajectory
the three types of ---------- are vehicle, body, and organ. impact
vehicle collisions occur as frontal, rear end, lateral, rotational or rollover
shattered windsheilds often have a ------------- look when people hit them spider webbed
when the chest hits the steering wheel with enough force the lungs my rupture this is known as the -------------. paper bag syndrome
the initial onset of blast injuries is the ----------. explosion
primary injury in a blast comes from the------------. pressure wave
the third phase in an explosion is the --------- in which debris is thrown at a victim. blast wave
the last phaes of an explosion; resulting in movement of patient. tertiary/victim displacement
Created by: duggerson