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ingles clase uno

one who boasts about his patriotism and favors a warlike foreign policy jingoist
seducer; lover lothario
one who acts independently maverick
just punishment nemesis
one who makes love insincerely philanderer
bitter verbal attack philippic
designed to secure conformity procrutean
taking on diffrent forms protean
a victory that is exeptionally costly pyrrhic victory
romaticlly idealistic quixotic
an uninentional exchange of sounds spoonerism
one who is fond of luxury and soft living sybarite
showy ; cheap tawdry
substandered use of words solecism
sluggish saturnine
somewhat acid or sour acidulous
excessively greedy avaricious
deadly; sinister baleful
warlike; of a quarrelsome nature bellicose
bad-tempered; bitter bilious
arrogant bumptious
critical captious
rude;surly churlish
willing to please complaisant
crush in sprit contrite
festive;sociable convivial
cowardly craven
urbane debonair
grouchy; gloomy dyspeptic
sad; mournful lachrymose
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