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simplified chinese

发财 fa1 cai2 to get rich
福气 fu2 qi4 good luck; good fortune
亲戚 qin2 qi a relative
帐单 zhan4 dan1 bill / check
信用卡 xing4 yong4 ka3 credit card
订房 ding4 fang2 to reserve a room
护照 hu4 zhao4 passport
tian2 to fill a document
登记表 deng1ji4biao3 to register one's name
房费 fang2 fei4 room charge
钥匙 yao4 shi key
饮料 yin3 liao4 drink / beverage
现金 xian4 jin1 cash
zhao1 to beckon
广州 guang3 zhou1 Guangzhou
zhao4 Zhao of the Sixteen Kingdoms
坚持 jian1 chi2 to persist / persevere
qian3 dispatch
jian4 sword
监牢 jian1 lao2 prison
chong1 fill / sufficient / full
yu4 nourish / to rear
lu4 land
xiang 4 back of neck / item
负责 fu4 ze2 in charge of / to be responsible for
xian 4 limit / bound
退 tui 4 retreat
yi 2 to doubt / to misbelieve
pu 3 general / popular
di 1 to lower (one's head) / to let droop
zhi 2 execute (a plan) / grasp
fou 3 to negate / to deny
bai 4 to pay respect / worship
di 3 background / bottom / base
fan 4 to violate / to offend / crime
she 4 to set up / to arrange / to establish
shou3 head / chief / first (occasion, thing etc)
ye 4 page / leaf
ji 1 base / foundation
失望 shi1 wang4 be disappointed / to lose hope
心情 xin1 qing2 mood
hua1 flower / to spend (money, time)
信心 xin4 xin1 confidence / faith
乐观 le4 guan1 optimistic
悲观 bei1 guan2 pessimistic
下功夫 xia4 gong1 fu1 to make one effort
借口 jie4 kou3 excuse
成立 cheng2 li4 establish / set up
上进 shang4 jin4 to progress forwards
进出口 jin4 chu kou3 import-export
被-炒 bei4 chao3 be fired
付出 fu4 chu1 to pay off
退房 tui 4 fang2 to leave a room
健康 jian4 kang1 health / healthy
修建 xiu1 jan4 to build / to construct
tai2 raise
扭转 niu3 zhuan3 to reverse / to turn around
抱怨 bao4 yuan4 complain / grumble
报答 bao4 da2 repay
报纸 bao4 zhi3 newspaper
拒绝 ju4 jue2 to refuse / to decline
拾取 shi2 qu3 to pick up
zhi3 to indicate
按摩 an4 mo2 massage
按照 an4 zhao4 according to
tiao1 to choose
wa1 to dig / to excavate
qiao2 bridge
zheng1 struggle
ji3 crowded / to squeeze
ting3 be straight and stiff
huan4 change / exchange
掌握 zhang3 wo2 to grasp / to master
接受 jie1 shou4 to accept / to receive
接替 jie1 ti4 to replace / to take over
接续 jie1 xu4 to follow / to continue
接触 jie1 chu4 to contact
控制 kong4 zhi4 control
yan3 cover up / to surprise
miao2 to trace / to copy /
提供 ti2 gong4 to offer
chuai3 estimate / guess
shuai1 throw on ground / to fall
改善 gai3 shan4 to make better / to improve
gong1 to attack / to accuse
方式 fang4 shi4 way (of life) /style
放弃 fang4 qi4 to renounce / to give up
jiu4 to save / to rescue
整理 zheng3 li3 arrange / sort out
fang1 direction / one side / just
昆虫 kun1 chong2 insect
chang1 prosperous / flourish
明亮 ming2 liang4 brightness
明辨是非 ming2 bian4 shi4 fei1 discern right and wrong
xing1 star
春假 chun1 jia4 spring break, vacation
jing1 crystal
暗示 an4 shi4 drop a hint / hint
mu4 evening / sunset
暴力 bao4 li4 violence / (use) force
qu1 bent / crooked / wrong
qu3 tune / song
ceng2 once in the past / already
fu2 clothes / dress
wang4 expect/ to gaze
望尘莫及 wang4 chen2 mo4 ji2 so far behind that one can only see the dust of the rider ahead
chao2 to face / government
杂志 za2 zhi4 magazine
李子 li3 zi3 plum
材料 cai 2 liao4 material / data
qiang1 gun / rifle
mou3 (a) certain / so and so
ge2 character / standard / pattern
qiao3 bridge
检查 jian3 cha2 inspection / examine
棺材 guan1 cai2 coffin
gai4 general / approximate
欺负 qi1 fu4 to bully
歉意 qian4 yi4 apology / regret
毒物 du2 wu4 poison
气功 qi4 gong1 qigong
水平 shuei3 ping2 level, horizontal
yong3 forever
qiu2 to seek / to look for / to request
污染 wu1 ran3 pollution
沙发 sha1 fa1 sofa
fei1 boil
治疗 zhi 4 liao2 medicine
泪水 lei4 shui3 tears
洗澡 xi3 zhao3 to bathe
liu2 to flow / to spread
xiao1 news /to disappear /
消失 xiao1 shi to disappear /
消息 xiao1 xi news
shen1 deep / profound
hun2 confused
混乱 hun4 luan4 confusion / chaos
清秀 qing1xiu4 handsome / elegant
温度 wen1 du4 temperature
湿 shi1 moist / wet
zao3 bath
ling2 efficacious / quick /intelligence
dian3 point / dot /
jiao1 burnt / scorched / worried
照顾 zhao4 gu4 take care of
zhu3 to cook / to boil
xiong2 bear
ban3 a register / an edition
牵线 qian1 xian4 to pull strings / to manipulate
fan4 to violate / to offend / crime
狐狸 hu2 li2 fox
du2 independent / single
cai1 to guess
环境 huan2 jing4 enviroment
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