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What's In A Watershed?

What impact does a new development have on the river basin it is built in? it increases the level of contaminants that enter the basin
A sewage plant is an example of what? a point-source pollution
When cutting down trees, will it add more or less sediments to the water? more
What is the most important thing for a growing community to consider? local water supplies
What eventually happens to the water in a river basin? it drains to the ocean
What does agriculture cause in water? sediment pollution
What does a new highway that increases water runoff from the paved surfaces into nearby streams cause? non-point source pollution from runoff
What is the perimeter of silt fencing, sandbags and gravel around construction sites designed to eliminate? the erosion of exposed topsoil into surrounding areas
Storm runoff in a city is an example of what? non-point source pollution
What impact does the cutting of a forest have on the stream flow? the stream flow increases
What was the conclusion from a study of pollutants in watersheds? pollutants are carried by the water as runoff into a central river
What are the 4 major land uses identified by watershed managers? urban, forests, agriculture and wetlands
What are the main reasons that over 1 billion people don't have access to clean, safe water? consumption, sanitation, and hygiene
What is a habitat? certain requirements for sustaining life
What is happening to existing reservoirs of fresh, uncontaminated water? they are being depleted and stressed by contamination
What type of pollution problem is found in the Yadkin-Pee Dee Watershed? non-point pollution
What is the main pollution problem for the Yadkin-Pee Dee River Basin? sediment runoff from agricultural areas and housing developments
Does cities and suburbs or wooded and natural areas create more surface runoff? cities and suburbs
What does runoff from a road into a nearby stream describe? non-point source pollution
What does oil and gasoline discharge from cars and storm sewer drainage describe? urban runoff
What are three ways water changes state in the water cycle? condensation, freezing, and evaporation
How does the water change state during evaporation? it changes from a liquid to a gas
How does the water change state during freezing? it changes from a liquid to a solid
How does the water change state during condensation? it changes from a gas to a liquid
Created by: ndmsteach