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ICND1 Ports&Layers

ICND1 Ports and layers

What Layer is Telnet Application
What Layer are SMTP Gateways Application
What Layer is FTP Application
What Layer is POP3 Application
What Layer is NFS Application
What Layer is SNMP Application
802.3z and 802.3ab are what standard Gigabit Ethernet
What Layer is CDP Data-link
Common Fields in UDP and TCP Source Port, Destination Port, Checksum
Port 20, TCP FTP Data
Port 21, TCP FTP Control
Port 23, TCP Telnet
Port 25, TCP SMTP
Port 53, UDP, TCP DNS
Port 67,68 UDP DHCP
Port 69 UDP TFTP
Port 110, TCP POP3
Port 161, UDP SNMP
Port 443, TCP SSL / HTTPS
What layer is FCS used Data-link layer error-correction
ACK, sequencing and flow control are what layer Layer 4 - Transport
What layer is a hub Layer 1 - Phsyical - it just repeats
What two layers are WAN's operating in Transport and Datalink
What protocol delivers Best effort: IP or TCP IP
Transport layer divides stream of data into segments and may add reliability information. Packets are created when the network layer adds layer 3 addresses and control information OSI Data Encapsulation Process
Switch to Switch cable type Crossover
PC to switch cable type. Straight Through
Router to router cable type. Crossover
PC to PC cable type. Crossover
PC to Hub cable type. Straight Through
Router to Switch cable type. Straight Through
PC to Router cable type. Crossover
Switch to Hub cable type. Crossover
Hub to Hub cable type. Crossover
Excessive Collissions on a switch indicates what layer 1 problem Most likely exceeded cable length.
What is console cable type. Rollover
What size is an ethernet runt less than 64 Bytes
What size is a giant / jabber / jumbo frame usually greater than 1518
What is 'inside local address' in NAT The IP address that is assigned to a host on the inside network
What is 'inside global address' in NAT A legitimate IP address that represents one or more inside local IP addresses
What is "Outside local address' in NAT The Ip address of an outside host as it appears to the inside network. Not necessarily a legitimate address, it was allocated from inside routable addresses
What is 'Outside global address' in NAT The IP address assigned to a host on the outside network by the hosts owner.
what is router default boot up mode Flash -> TFTP -> ROM
Where can boot code be stored on a router Flash, TFTP, ROM
Created by: pkillur