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Hirt Anatomy Test 1

Galileo compound light microscope
Hippocrates 1st to separate sins/ disease
Plato school for science
Aristotle vivisections
Galen vivisections/ 1st anatomy book
Light microscope 1600's tissues, cells no radiation
SEM 1930 - 1960 cells, organelles (surface) no radiation
TEM 1930 - 1960 cells, organelles (inside) no radiation
x-ray 1800's organ systems, organs radiation
CT scan 1970's organ systems, organs (3D) radiation
Ultrasound 1920's organ systems, organs no radiation
MRI 1977 organ systems, organs, molecular no radiation
PET 1950's - 1960's glucose injected, emits radiation organ systems, organs, molecular radiation
simple cuboidal secretion/absorption ovaries
simple columnar secretion/absorption uterus
pseudostratified columnar secretion/mvmt. upper respiratory tract
stratified cuboidal secretion/absorption large glands
simple squamous diffusion/filtration kidneys
transitional expansion bladder
stratified squamous protection oral cavity/ skin
stratified columnar rare male urethra
loose aveolar soak up fluid - edema
loose reticular support
dense regular attach tendons/vocal cords
hyaine cartilage gristle nose, lower ribs
fibrocartilage shock absorber vertebra, meniscus
elastic cartilage soft ear, epiglottis
Created by: tracynfar