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StudyStack App

StudyStack data can be exported to the third party programs listed below.  If you would like to be able to download to another program, send an email to exports@studystack.com.



FlashTutor is a free flashcard app for Android devices. Import stacks from within the app by searching for keywords or usernames. The built-in Tutor method automatically shows you cards you get wrong more often, and as you get them right it moves on to new cards you have not seen yet. You can view your flashcards in a searchable list for an overview, or to easily compare cards to each other. Use it as a portable, searchable dictionary of your vocab words!



gFlash+ is a free flashcard app for Android phones developed by gWhiz Mobile. The ability to download your sets from studystack requires you to purchase a $0.99 upgrade inside the app. Once installed on your phone, you can Add sets from studystack after entering a studystack username. Any sets created by the user name entered or starred as a favorite will be listed. gFlash+ has lots of settings that you can adjust to change the way in which your cards are displayed. You can choose between multiple choice, single sided, and you can organize your cards in boxes similar to studystack's correct/incorrect/remaining boxes.


Kaka Flashcards

QR code Kaka Flashcards is a free beta flashcard viewer for Android phones developed by Marcin Oczeretko. Once installed on your phone, you can browse the StudyStack categories or you can get a list of the stacks that you've created or starred as a favorite. Selecting a stack downloads the stack to your phone's local database from which you can then study. It's simple to review your cards by just swiping your finger across the screen.
If you already have Kaka Flashcards on your phone, scan this QR code to download this stack.

POP quiz

POP quiz is an inexpensive flashcard app for Android phones. Once installed on your phone, you can use POP quiz to search for stacks by category or access any public stacks that you created or ones that you have starred as a favorite.
From POP quiz's Quiz Builder screen, press the MENU key and then select Import QB. After selecting StudyStack.com as your Import Source, you'll be able to enter your StudyStack username to access your stacks or to search for stacks in a particular category.


Stacks Flashcards

Stacks Flashcard for Android devices allows you to import flashcard sets from StudyStack or create sets on your phone or tablet. The app is free but does display ads. This is one of the newest flashcard apps out there and the developer is actively adding new features. Stats let you easily see which cards you most frequently mark wrong.



Quizard is a complete flashcard application for Android and iPhone/iPod touch devices created by GabySoft. Using the app, you can create your own flashcards, use any of the several built in sets, or download sets from studystack and other flashcard sites. There are two versions of the app: a free Lite version and the inexpensive full-featured version. You can find the Android version of Quizard by searching for 'Quizard' in the Android Market on your phone. The Quizard iOS apps are available at: Quizard - GabySoft


StudyStack API

Attention developers: If you would like to integrate data from StudyStack's database into your application, please send an email to john.weidner@studystack.com describing your intended use.

Created by: sahil chand
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