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Prax 0014 econ fill

Praxis II test 0014 social studies - economics fill in the blanks

_____ are limited, so individuals must make choices resources
_______ and __________ must be analyzed when making economic decision costs and benefits
_______ systems are complex and involve several _______ economic; institutions
_______ systems have a specific nature economic
_______ and _______ plays a major role in the market supply and demand
_________, _________ and _______ support the market system supply, demand and prices
______and _____ economic sectors are different private and public
____________ opportunities are specialized employment
_______ or ______ use have various forms exchange or money
________ is determined by market conditions income
_______ and __________________ are complex topics investment and entrepreneurship
_____________ _______________ affects a market system government policy
a free market economy, like that of the United States, is based on two premises that of ______________ and _____________ and ____________ competition and supply and demand
the government plays a role in the economic development and process in four areas: fiscal policy (taxes), regulation, spending and monetary policy (credit)
Created by: allie424 on 2009-11-03

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