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Character And Social Traits-Italian Vocab-Part I

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

absent-minded   distratto  
active   attivo  
adaptable   addattabile  
affable   affabile  
affectionate   affettuoso  
affluent   benestante  
aggressive   aggressivo  
altruist   altruista  
ambitious   ambizioso  
annoying   antipatico  
anxious   ansioso  
arrogant   arrogante  
artistic   artistico  
astute   astuto  
attentive   attento  
bold   audace  
mean   cattivo  
bigoted   bigotto  
bothersome   noioso  
brash   sfacciato  
brilliant   brillante  
broad-minded   di ampie vedute  
brusque   brusco  
calm   calmo  
carefree   spensierato  
careful   cauto  
careless   spericolato  
character   carettere  
charming   affascinante  
competent   competente  
conformist   conformista  
conscientious   coscienzioso  
corrupt   corrotto  
courageous   coraggioso  
courteous   cortese  
cowardly   codardo  
crazy   matto  
creative   creativo  
critical   critico  
cruel   crudele  
cultured   colto  
delicate   delicato  
depressed   depresso  
desperate   disperato  
diligent   diligente  
diplomatic   diplomatico  
disgusted   disgustato  
dishonest   disonesto  
disinterested   disinteressato  
downtrodden   avvilito  
dynamic   dinamico  
self-centered   egoista  
elegant   elegante  
eloquent   eloquente  
energetic   energico  
envious   invidioso  
erudite   erudito  
extraordinary   straordinario  


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Created by: Marshlord