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A Quiz On The Executive Branch Of The US Government

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What Offices Make Up The Branch?   President, Vice President, Cabinet (Department Of State, Department Of Agriculture, Department Of Education, Department Of Commerence, Department Of Energy, Department Of Transportation, Department of Health And Human Services, Department Of Labor (Cont.)  
Cabinet Continued   Department Of interior, Department Of Defense, Department of Justice, Department Of Homeland Security, Dpeartment Of Veteran Affairs, Department Of Housing And Urban Developments, Department Of Treasury  
How Does Each member Get The Job?   President - People Vote For Electors In The Electoral College, Who Vote For The President Vice President, Same As President Cabinet - Appointed By President and Confirmed By Senate.  
What Are The Qualifications For Each Office?   President Mush be 35 Or older, A Natural Born Citizen, And Lived In The US For The Past 14 years.  
How Long Is A Term And How Many Can be Served?   4 Years, 2  
How Powers Does The Branch Have? P-8 VP-2 C-2   The President Can Veto, Pass Laws, Advise Congress, Pocket Veto, Appoint Federal Judges, Can Adjourn And Convene Congress, Grant Pardons Vice president - Can Oversee Measure In Senate, Can Break Ties In Senate Cabinet - Can Issue Fines, manage Offices  
What Are The Roles Of The President? (7)   Chief Of State, Chief Executive, Chief Diplomat, Commander In Chief, Chief Legislator, Chief Of Party, Chief Guardian Of Economy  
What Are Some Ways To Remove members From Office? (6)   President - Death, Impeachment, Resignation, Unable To Fulfill duties Of President, Does Not Get Re-Elected, Term Or Term Limit Ends  
What Happens If A Member Leaves Office?   President - The Vice president Takes Over Vice President - President Appoints A New Vice President Who Has To Be Confirmed By Congress Cabinet - Same As VP  
How Is The Executive Branch Checked Or Balanced By Itself?   There Are Independent Agencies Within The Branch  
How Is The Executive Branch Checked Or Balanced By The Legislative Branch?   Override Veto With 2/3 Majority, President Needs Approval To Appoint Cabinet members, Judges, Officials, Etc. President Is Commander In Chief But Only Congress Has The Power To Declare War.  
How Is The Executive Branch Checked Or Balanced By The Judicial Branch?   Supreme Court Can Declare A Law Signed By The President Or Acts Done By Branch Unconstitutional.  
What Article Deals With The Executive Branch?   Article II  
What Is The Primary Job Of The Executive Branch?   To Enforce And Carry Out The Law  


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Created by: DressageIsMagic