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SALT - Latin Review 1

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Aenēās   Aeneas (Greek nominative)  
cōntra, cōntra Graecōs   against (prepostition), against the Greeks  
decem annōs   for ten years  
obsident   they besiege  
per dolum   through a trick  
nocte   at night  
intrant   they enter  
capiunt   they capture  
necant   they kill  
novus   new  
ab urbe   from the city  
nāvigāre   to sail  
senem   old man  
deōs familiārēs, deī   household gods (i.e., idols), gods  
servant   they save, protect  
parvus   small, little  
fīlius   son  
manum   hand  
tenet   he/she holds  
valdē   very much  
relinquit   he/she leaves  
ubīque   everywhere  
frūstrā   in vain  
habent   they have, hold  
fortasse   perhaps  
effugere   to escape, flee, run away  
possum   I am able  


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Created by: Imasingingal