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Wolohon Mod 10 Test

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Vascular Test I
What is an enveloping membrane or layer of body tissue?   TUNICA  
What is the order of the artery layers?   Tunica adventitia - Tunica media - Tunica - intima  
Arteries branch out in to....   Venules and Capillaries  
What network of small blood vessels supply the arteries with oxygen and nutrients?   Vasa Majorum  
What is the main trunk of the systemic arterial circulation?   Aorta  
Another word for branching off or dividing into?   Bifurcation  
The Celiac arteries DO NOT serve this organ....   Kidneys  
The head (left and right) the Neck (left and right) and the Brain (left and right) are supplied with blood by which arteries?   CAROTIDS (Left and right)  
The ________artery is a continuation of the femoral artery   Popliteal  
What connects arterioles and venules?   Capillaries  
How thick are capillary walls?   4-cell layers  
the very inside tissue layer of a vein is made up of...   Endothelium  
The outside tissue of a vien is made up of....   Connective tissue  
The middle layer of a vein is made up of...   Muscle tissue  
Which veins carry oxygen rich blood from the Lungs to the Heart   Pulmonary Veins  
Veins branch off into....   arterioles and capillaries  
Where does the deoxygenated blood go after leaving the heart?   Vena Cava  


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Created by: twolohon