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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Protist   Eukaryotes that cannot be classified as animals, plants, or fungi.  
protozoans   Unicellular orginsms in the kingdom protista  
pseudopods   Help sarcodines move and feed by forming temporary bulges of the cell.  
contractile vacuole   A structure that collects and expels excess water from the cell.  
cilia   Hairlike projections beat with a wavelike motion moving the organism.  
Can protists are eukaryotes be classified as animals, plants, or fungi.   no  
what produce oxygen and are a source of food for other organisms.   aglea  
Most ____-like protists can move to get food.   animal  
What do algea use their pigments for.   To capture the suns energy.  
______ are animal-like protists.   protozoanas  
What are plant-like protists are commonly called   algea  
________ have hair-like projections that beat with a wavelike motion to move the organism.   ciliets  
Algae contain many types of ___________ , or chemicals that produce color.   pigments  
A(n) _____________ is a tiny cell that is able to grow into a new organism.   spore  
What characteristic distinguishes most animal-like protists from other protists?   Heterotrophs, unicellular, and move to get food  
What characteristic distinguishes plant-like protists from other protists?   Use pigments to capture suns energy, autotrophs, can be multi or unicellular.  
What characteristic distinguishes fungus-like protists from other protists?   Heterotrophs, have cell walls, and use spores to reproduce.  
plant-like protists   algea  
a temporary bulge of the cytoplasm used for feeding and movement   pseudopod  
hair-like projections that are used to sweep in food and move   cilia  
a tiny cell that is able to grow into a new organism   spore  
a eukaryote that cannot be classified as an animal, plant, or fungus   protist  
a chemical that produces color   pigment  
an animal-like protist   protozoan  
a structure that collects excess water and expels it from a cell   contractile vacuole  
the neon glow given off by dinoflagellates   photoluminescent  
a toxic condition in the water caused by dinoflagellates that makes the water red   red tide  
Fungus-like protists share qualities of animals and plants. Fungus-like protists are ___, have cell ____, and use _____ to reproduce. All fungus-like protists can _________ at some point in their lives.   protist,walls,spores,move  
Algae are_____, can be unicellular or__________, and use _____ to capture the sun’s energy. Most use the ______ energy to make their own food.   autotrophs,multicellular,pigments,suns  
Algae play a significant role in many environments. Some algae in ponds, lakes, and oceans produce much of Earth’s ________ and are an important source of _______ for other organisms.   atmosphere,food  
List the four types of protozoans.   cilia, sarcodine, parasites, flagellets  
List the 5 types of algae.   -Euglonoids -Dinoflagellates -Diatoms -Red algea -Brown algea  
List three types of fungus-like protists.   -Slime molds -Water molds -Downy mildews  
Which type of algae are used in foods and can be eaten by humans?   red and brown algea  
Which algae produces diatomaceous earth?   Diatoms  
Which type of algae have plant like structures (stalk, blade)?   brown algea  
Which protist cause the irish potato family   Water molds  


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