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Contributing women to the nursing profession throughout history

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Famous Because
Mary Adelaide Nutting   1st professor at a school of nursing  
Clara Maass   took part in a malaria experiment  
Isabel Hampton Robb   founded ANA and National League for Nursing  
Florence Nightingale   birth of modern nursing  
Lillian D. Wald   first public nurse  
Isabel Maitland Stewart   educator "Miss Curriculum"  
Sally Tompkins   nurse/captain in Confederate Army  
Linda Richards   first trained nurse in U.S.  
Margaret Sanger   crusader for birth control  
Clara Barton   founded the Red Cross  
Annie Warburton Goodrich   dean of the army school of nursing  
Harriet Tubman   underground railroad  
Lavinia Lloyd Dock   1st author of nursing textbook  
Mary Eliza Mahoney   first black nurse to graduate nursing school  
Virginia Hendersen   created the definition of nursing  
Mary Ann Bickerdyke   mother of the Union Army  
Dorthea Dix   crusaded for better treatment of the mentally ill  


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Created by: rsg175