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Body Systems Test

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

system which transfers observations from your senses to your brain   nervous system  
This system is responsible for breaking down food to provide cellular energy.   digestive system  
Diseases that can be transmitted between organisms are   infectious  
A student sees a bird at a feeder. The student identifies the bird as a sparrow. What system does the student use to identify the bird.   nervous system  
What parts make up the central nervous system?   brain and spinal cord  
Which systems work together to allow a hand to pull back suddenly from a hot flame?   nervous and muscular systems  
Which human body systems work MOST closely together?   respiratory and cardiovascular systems  
Which organ system is LEAST likely to have a direct interaction with the skin?   digestive system  
What is the primary function of the white blood cells in humans?   fight disease  
What is the primary function that the brain, spinal cord, and nerves perform?   conducting messages to coordinate body functions  
What body systems work together for support, protection, and movement?   skeletal and muscular systems  
Which body system supports the body, protects internal organs, and makes blood cells?   skeletal system  
What function does the circulatory system provide when you are exercising?   It improves blood flow to supply cells with more oxygen  
What is MOST likely the cause of strep throat?   invading bacteria  
Which system helps to deliver nutrients and hormones, remove excess wastes, and exchange gases?   circulatory  
Name a feedback mechanism the human body uses to maintain homeostasis.   perspiring to lower the body temperature  
Which organ helps to produce urine in humans and other mammals/   kidneys  
The nucleus of the cell controls cell activity. What body system performs a similar function in humans?   central nervous system  
The lungs are a part of what body system?   respiratory system  
What is the purpose of having students was their hands frequently with soap and water?   To limit the spread of infectious disease by removing viruses and bacteria from the skin.  
Why does blood make a complete loop throughout the body?   To carry nutrients throughout the body and remove waste.  
What is the major function of the kidney?   To filter wastes and byproducts  
Which system absorbs and carries food from the digestive system to the rest of the body?   circulatory system  
The cellular membrane surrounds every human cell. The membrane protects the cell and transmits information about the cell's surroundings to organelles inside the cell. What system provides a similar function in the human body?   integumentary system  
How does the skin help the body maintain homeostasis?   The skin stabilizes the temperature  


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