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latin final exam fal

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

atrium   atrium  
canis   dog  
coquus   cook  
cubiculum   room  
culina   kitchen  
eat   is  
filius   son  
hortus   garden  
in   in  
laborat   work  
mater   mother  
pater   father  
sedet   sit  
servus   slave  
tablinum   dinner room  
via   street  
amicus   friend  
ancilla   slave girl  
cena   dinner  
cibus   food  
dominus   master  
dormit   sleep  
gustat   taste  
intrat   enter  
laetus   happy  
laudat   praise  
mensa   table  
mercator   merchant  
quoque   also  
salutat   greet  
toga   toga  
tunica   tunic  
ad   to  
bibit   drink  
circumspectat   look around  
clamat   shout  
ecce!   look!  
et   and  
exit   exit  
exspectat   exspect  
forum   forum  
ianua   door  
leo   lion  
magnus   large  
navis   ship  
non   no/not  
portat   carry  
respondet   respond  
ridet   laugh  
salve!   hello  
surgit   rise up  
taberna   shop  
videt   see  
villa   house  
vinum   wine  
agit   does  
negotium agit   do business  
cera   wax  
cur?   why?  
e, ex   from  
ego   I  
eheu!   hurray!  
habet   have  
inquit   to say  
iudex   judge  
mendax   liar  
pecunia   money  
perterritus   scared  
poeta   poet  
quaerit   searches for  
quis?   who?  
reddit   return  
satis   enough  
sed   but  
signum   sign  
tu   you  
venit   sell  
vocat   call  
adest   is present  
adsunt   are present  
agricola   farmer  
ambulat   walk  
audit   hear  
clamor   cry  
contendit   hurry  
currit   run  
euge   oh no  
fabula   play  
fabulam agit   act in a play  
femina   woman  
hodie   today  
iuvenis   young man  
meus   my  
multus   multiple  
multi   many  
optimus   best  
petit   seek, attack, head for  
plaudit   clap  
puella   girl  
senex   old man  
stat   stand  
turba   crowd  
ubi?   where?  
urbs   city  
venit   come  
abest   Is absent  
aberat   was absent  
avarus   miser  
bonus   good  
emit   buy  
erat   was  
ferociter   fiercely  
festinate   hurries  
fortis   brave  
fur   theif  
infans   baby  
intente   intently  
olim   some time ago  
parvus   litte  
postquan   after  
pulsat   punch  
quod   becuase  
res   thing  
scribit   write  
subito   suddenly  
superat   overpower  
tum   then  
tuus   your  
vituperat   curses  
cenat; cenavit   dine  
centurio   centurion  
conspicit; conspexit   catch sight of  
cun   with  
facit; fecit   do  
heri   yesterday  
ingens   huge  
intellegit; intellexit   understand  
mortuus   dead  
lacrimat; lacrimavit   cry  
necat; necavit   kill  
nihil   nothing  
omnis   all  
parat; paravit   prepare  
pestis   pest  
poculum   cup  
prope   near  
pulcher   beautiful  
rogat; rogavit   tell  
tacite   silently  
tamen   however  
terret; terruit   scare  
umbra   shadow  
valde   very  
agitat; agitavit   chase  
consumit; consumpsit   eat  
ducit; duxit   lead  
eum   him  
facile   easily  
ferox   fierce  
gladius   sword  
habitat; habitavit   live  
hic   this  
ignavus   cowardly  
incitat; incitavit   urges on  
nuntius   messenger  
pes   food  
porta   gate  
postulat; postulavit   demands  
puer   boy  
pugnat; pugnavit   fights  
recumbit; recubuit   recline  
saepe   often  
sanguis   blood  
silva   woods  
spectaculum   show  
statim   at once  
totus   total  


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Created by: dancingmelon