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Unit 15 NCVPS Latin II

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

fides   faith  
hospis   guest  
nemo   nobody  
origo   origin, source  
pons   bridge  
ripa   bank of a river  
scutum   shield  
somnium   dream  
tergum   back  
adversus   opposite  
calamitosus   ruinous  
humilis   humble  
maximus   biggest, greatest  
pius   pious, faithful, righteous  
prior   earlier  
publicus   of the people, official  
quantus   how much/many? how great?  
quot   how many?  
adsumere   to take on/up  
augere   to increase, to augment  
colligere   to gather, to collect  
coniungere   to join, to unite  
crescere   to grow  
imperare   to order, to command (+ dat)  
pingere   to paint  
scire   to know  
vertere   to turn  
volutare   to roll. to turn over in one's mind  
adhuc   to this point, thus far  
postea   afterwards  
praecipue   especially  
retro   backwards  
utique   by all means  
vere   truly, really  
vel   or  


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Created by: kathleen.ferrell