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result clause 1

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

difficile est saturam non scribere; nam quis est tam patiens malae urbis ut se teneat?   It is difficult not to write satire; of who is so patient of this bad city that he can restrain himself?  
difficile   nt nominative singular, difficilis -e substantive  
est   third-person singular present active indicative; sum esse fui futurus  
saturam   feminine, singular, accusative. satura -ae direct object  
non scribere   present active infinitive scrībō scribere scripsi scriptum. complimentary  
quis   nominative m quis quid  
est   third-person singular present active indicative; sum esse fui futurus  
patiens   nominative singular M patiens patientis. modifiying quis  
malae   feminine genitive singular malus -a -um  
urbis   feminine genitive singular urbs urbis  
se   m accusative singular reflexive  
teneat   third-person singular present active subjunctive teneō tenere tenui tentum. Result clause.  


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Created by: tomachuck