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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What is antineoplastic mean?   Against new tissue growth like cancers  
Why do cancer cells grow uncontrollably?   1. they do not have growth control mechanisms 2. Do not have positive physiologic fx  
What is a cancerous primary legion?   Original site of growth  
What is metastasis?   Uncontrolled cell growth, secondary lesion in new, remote part of body  
What is neoplasm?   Mass of new cells, tumor  
What two types of tumors?   benign, malignant  
What are three types of cancer?   1.Carcinomas- arise from epithelial cells "epi car" 2.Sarcomas- from connective tissue ex: 3.Kaposi's sarcoma-Lymphomas/Leukemias- circulating tumors or hematologic malignancies  
What are paraneoplastic syndromes?   Alongside with cancer cachexia- most common, fatigue, fever, wt loss  
Chemotherapy is subdivided in two groups   1.cell cycle-nonspecific (CCNS) 2.cell cycle-specific (CCS)  
How do CCS-cell cycle specific drugs work on cancer?   Cytotoxic- hurt cell at certain phase  
What is important to know about chemotherapy?   Narrow therapeutic window combo better drug resistance adverse effect dose limiting adverse effects  
Which non cancerous cells do chemotherapy effect the most?   Rapid growing like hair follicles, GI tract, bone marrow  
Name 5 types of cancer tumors that cell cycle specific drugs attack   antimetabolites mitotic inhibitors alkaloid topoisomerase 2 inhibitors Topoisomerase I inhibitor Antineoplastic enzymes  
How do antimetabolites work   1.falsely substituting for purines, pyrimidines, or folic aci 2.inhibiting critical enzymes involved in the synthesis or function of these compounds  
what is example of antimetabolite   1.Folate Antagonists(DNA only) 2.Purine Antagonists 3.Pyrimidine Antagonists All effect DNA and RNA  
Antimetabolite Adverse Effects   Tumor Lysis Syndrome-includes hyperphosphatemia, hyperlalemia, hypoclcemia, hyperuricemia  
Antineoplastic Toxicity   Neurologic, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Hepatobiliary, GI, Genitourinary, Dermatologic, Ocular, Otic, Metabolic  
What do Mitotic Inhibitors Do?   Work before/during Mitosis, CCS  
What natural plants are mitotic inhibitors derived from?   Periwinkle, Yew, Mayapple(Mandrake)  
Mitotic Inhibitor & Etoposide Extravasation Antidote   Hyaluronidase  
Antimetabolites drugs   Folate -methotrexate Purine - Cladribine, Fludarabine Pyrimidine-Capecitabine, Fluorouracil, Gemcitabine, Cytarabine  
Mitotic Inhibitor Drugs   Etoposide, Paclitaxel, Vincristine  
What do Topisomerace 2 inhibitor do?   CCS, hurt DNA S phase  
Topisomerace 2 inhibitor Adverce Effects   Bone Marrow Suppression Irinotecan -odd effect -Cholinergic Diarrhea (delayed, 2-10 days later)  
Topisomerace 2 inhibitor Drugs   Irinotecan, Topotecan  


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