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Stack #124386

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

sound   a wave produced by the vibrating object that travels through a gas liquid or solid  
vibration   a rapid back and forth motion  
vacuum   an empty space with few if any particles  
pitch   the quality of the highness or lowness of a sound  
hertz   unit for measuring frequency and pitch  
ultrasound   sound waves in the range above 20000 hertz  
resonance   strengthening of a sound wave when it combines with an objects natural vibrations  
Dopler Effect   the change in observed pitch that occurs when the source or the one who hears a sound is moving  
intensity   the amount of energy a sound has  
decibel   unit for measuring sound intenity  
amplification   increasing the strength of an electrical signal to increase the intensity of a sound wave  
acoustics   the scientific study of sound  
what is energy   the ability to cause change  
When energy is used it   changes form  
All moving matter has   kinetic energy  


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