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Surface Anatomy BS

Barb test part 1 neuro II

Contains important reflex center associated with control of respiration & the cardiovascular system & with control of consciousness Brainstem
Why are CN 3 & 12 nuclei important? Where are they located?
Point where the central canal opens into the 4th ventricle obexWhat
What makes CSF? Where is it located? Choroid plexus In the 4th ventricle
What is the CBT a part of? What does it supply? CST CN nuclei
What is on each side of the ventral median fissure pyramids
Where does the cortical tract run? in the pyramids
What separates the pyramids from the olives Ventrolateral sulcus
Where is CN XII (hypoglossal) located? Ventrolateral sulcus
What nerves emerge through the dorsolateral sulcus? CN IX CN X CN XI
What is located between the ventral and dorsal lateral sulcus? What does it hold? Olive olivary nuclei
Where is the clava? What could you think of it as? fasciculus gracilius Gracilie tubercle
Where do synapses occur in the DC system? Cuneate tubercle
What is the dorsal motor nucleus of the Vagus CN X called? Vagal Trigone
Hypoglossal nucleus name? Hypoglossal Trigone
What are 3 foramina in the Dorsal view of BS? What escapes from these? 2-Foramina of Luschka (lateral) 1-Foramen of Magendie (midline) CSF
Connecting & crossing nn fibers of the R & L cerebral hemispheres. Use it to get to & from the medial cerebellar peduncle> The Bridge
Where is the Basal Artery located? Basal Sulcus
What 3 nns emerege from the groove b/w the pons and medulla? CN VI abducens CN VII facial CN VIII vestibulocochlear
Brachium Pontis Middle cerebellar peduncles (arm of the pons)
What is a big place for acoustic neuromas? Why here? Cerebellopontine angle BC the vestibular and cochlear nns lie here.
What emerges btwn the vestibularcochlear & abducens nn? CN VII Facial
Where does the vestibulocochlear nn exit? junction btwn the medulla and pons
Where is the Trigeminal CN V located? Anterolateral surface of the pons
What is located on the floor of the 4th ventricle in the pontine part? Facial colliculus
Colliculus (tubercle) means: little hill What creates this hill? Part of the Facial nn wraps around the abducens nucleus and that make the bump
What makes the wall of the 4th ventricle? superior cerebellar peduncles
brachia conjunctiva What is it? Superior cerebellar peduncle
Brachium pontis middle cerebellar peduncles
What is the Roof of the pons made of? Cerebellar vermis Anterior medullary vellum
the midbrain contain two lateral halves called what? What is the anterior? Posterior? Cerebral peduncles Crus cerebri Tegmentum
What is located in the inferior cerebral peduncle? Interpeduncular fossa
What emerges from the Interpeduncular fossa and wraps around the crus cerebra? CN III oculomotor
Corpora quadrigemina Center for What? superior colliculi (visual reflexes)
Inferior Colliculi is a center for what? Lower auditory Centers
The visual and auditory center act as way stations for what? Different sensory pathways
What is the only nn that comes from post and wraps to the anterior? Trochlear CN IV
The floor for the 4th ventricles, caudal part is formed by what? Dorsal surface of the medulla
The floor of the 4th ventricle , rostral part if formed by the what? dorsal pons
Surface Lanmarks for the medulla for the 4th ventricle is? Posterior median fissure Hypoglossal Trigone Vagal Trigone
Surface Landmarks of the pons for the 4th ventricle are? Facial-colliculus (most are bumps)
What forms the Roof of the 4th ventricle? 1. Superior Cerebellar Peduncle Joined together by: a. Anterior medullary Velum b. Cerebellar Vermis
What are the wall formed from? Superior Cerebellar peduncle Brachia Conjunctiva Clava Cuneate Tubercle
What are the 4 levels internal structures at the medulla? Decussation of pyramids Decussation of lemnisci Olives Just inferior to the pons
Internal structures of the spinal cord to the BS? Corticospinal tracts- Dorsal Column Spinothalmic tracts
Corticospinal tract : where does it cross Pyramidal crossing in the caudal medulla Ipsalateral
Dorsal Column: Internal arcuate fibers: ssny decussation or of the fasciculus gracillis & cuneatus to the medial lemniscus Contralateral
Spinothalmic Tract Anterior Lateral stay on same side and do not cross Anterior: touch and pressure Lateral: pain and temperature
Created by: klkoester