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3rd Grade Terms

Library Terms

The person who writes a book Author
The person who creates the pictures in a book Illustrator
The name of a book Title
A type of book with stories that are not true Fiction
A type of book that is facts and information Non-Fiction
Numbers/letters on a book to tell where it is located in the library Call Number
A part of the book you can see on the shelf that has the call number and title on it Spine
The outside of a book that protects the pages Cover
Something that goes over a book's cover to protect it Book Jacket
A page in a book that tells the title, author, and illustrator Title Page
Tells what year the book was published and has a c inside of a circle Copyright
The company that makes a book Publisher
Non-fiction books are in ________ order Number
Fiction books are in order by ________ Author's last name
A book with words in ABC order and gives a definition of the word Dictionary
A book written about a person's life Biography
A type of books written in verse Poetry
Award was named after a librarian Golden Archer
Only children of Wisconsin can vote for this award Golden Archer
One picture book and two chapter books are awarded this award each year Golden Archer
This award is given by children to a deserving author Golden Archer
Chester books won this award 3 years in a row Golden Archer
Medal given to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children Caldecott
This medal has a picture of a man riding a runaway horse Caldecott
The 2012 winner of this medal was A Ball for Daisy, by Chris Raschka Caldecott
A book a person writes about his or her life Autobiography
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