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DMS WEvans

Library Terms 1

Non-fiction books are shelved by ___________. number
The Dewey Decimal System was invented by a man named _______________ Dewey
We use an online ____________ to search for books in the library. catalog
Check out books at the ______________ desk. circulation
Fiction books are shelved by the last name of the _________________. author
Stories about the lives of real people are called ___________ biographies
The call number is found on the __________ of a book. spine
The library catalog can be found on a ________________. computer
There are ______ categories of non-fiction books. ten
When you are not finished reading a book, you ask the librarian to ______________ it. renew
If a book is not returned on time, it is ____________. overdue
____________ are charged for overdue books. Fines
Most books in the Easy Reading section have lots of _____________________. pictures
Books on tape, CD, or playaways are called _________. audiobooks
Electronic books are called _______________. e-books
Encyclopedias would be found in the _______________ section. reference
Students who work in the library are called ___________. aides
The person in charge of the library is called a _____________ or media specialist. librarian
Videos, CD's, DVD's, and audiobooks are labeled with __________ in the call number. AV
Audio-visual materials are called __________. media
Created by: waevans