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Block V AF Manpower

Block 5 test prep.

What are MPES three stand alone modules? UMD, FYDP, and Grade Allocation Management
Which MPES stand alone modules are we as MO most concerned with? UMD
Upon the ______________ of a project, the changed positions are reflected _____________ on the UMD. Synchronization, immediately
Which tab allows the user to build a project and perform a project status review? Projects tab in MPES
What are the four sub tabs in project management? My projects, shared projects, past projects, and all published
What is the difference between a simulated and a change notice report? Simulated is awaiting approval, change notice has already received approval from the MAJCOM
What are the Five areas in the tools tab? Quick query, Position history, organizational hierarchy, reference tabs, and business objects
Which tools tab shows us real time read only data that can query only manpower allocation data? Quick Query
Which tools tab provides a structured count of positions in a unit, and shows how the unit numbers relate to other units above it in the AF command structure? Organizational Hierarchy Report
Which tab under tools is where read only reference data is stored? Reference Tables
What tool do unit commanders use to fine tune their organizations? Authorization Change Request (ACR)
What organization has the primary responsibility to evaluate ACR request and to make a recommendations for approval or disapproval? Wing Manpower and Organization Office
What times should an ACR be used? Increase, Decrease, Realignments or manpower authorizations Changes in AFSCs Adjustments in grades of skill levels Deviations from norms/standards Mission changes
When Not to use ACR? Shortage of assigned people Inadequate organizational structure Poor supervision Self-imposed or peaking workloads
Who develops the ACRs? Requesting Organization
What items should be considered when evaluating ACRs 1. AFMS 2.UMD 3.Support Agreements 4.Zero Balance Action 5.Civilian Personnel Flight 6. Organizational Impact 7. Wartime Impact Analysis 8. Rationale for Change 9. Coordination 10. Hold Status
What do you do after you finish the ACR analysis? Prepare the Recommendation
What is sent back from the MAJCOM if the ACR is approved? Authorization Change Notice (ACN)
What are the six parts of the Change Notice Report? 1. Manpower Project Summary 2.Manpower Project Detail 3.Resource Impact 4.Grade Impact 5.AFSC Impact 6.Location Impact
Which part of the change notice provides a summary of the PECs and grades in the manpower project? Manpower Project Summary
Which part of the change notice is a quick view of the actions taken in the project? Manpower Project Detail
Which part of the change notice provides a manpower project impact to Command, FYDP view? Resource Impact
Which part of the change notice gives a project impact to Command Grade Allocation View? Grade Impact
Which part of the change notice gives a project impact to a functional area? AFSC Impact
Which part of the change notice gives a project impact to a location? Location Impact
Explain the term Zero Balance Action? Should not have a net increase in resources, grades, and skill levels
Explain the term hold status? Organization is in a hold status due to an A76 study cost comparison.
What information should be in the ACR? Position #, grade, skill level, effective dates, and rational
What are manpower’s follow up actions? Contact the MAJCOM to confirm that they received the ACR, track progress every 5 days, and notify the customer when it is approved.
When was the Government Performance and Results Act made into law? 103rd Congress in 1993 (Law 103-62)
What was the purpose of the GPRA? Bring back confidence in the government by the American people by holding the federal agencies accountable from achieving program results
What were the two fundamental keys to success with GPRA? Accountability and flexibility
Managers cannot be held accountable unless they are empowered with the __________ and ________ needed to accomplish results. Authority, discretion
Effective, efficient, and results based government was the goal of? The Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)
GPRA requires agencies of the federal government to submit (3)? Strategic Plans, Annual Performance Plans, and Mission Performance Reports
What is the foundation for the AF and DoD strategic planning? National Security Strategy (NSS)
What is defined as an orderly process for envisioning an organizations desired future and determining the required actions to attain that future? Strategic planning
Who provides our organizational mission for total AF down to the unit level? Senior Leaders
Who provides the AF with operating style? Senior Leadership
AF leaders provide the AF a _____________ vision. Strategic
What includes mission statements, goals, Mission essential Tasks (MET) performance measures, standards, and targets? Performance Plan
What are the three steps to the Performance Management Cycle? Plan, Do, Assess
What are the four phases in the Performance Planning Process? Initiation, Mission Analysis, Plan Development, and Finalization and Deployment
What is the primary tool for a commander to ensure that the unit is performing effectively and efficiently? Task Assurance
What is a key component of task assurance that is a continuous feedback mechanism through which commanders may assess their unit’s mission performance? Mission Performance Report
Who helps senior leaders identify and validate Mission Essential Tasks (METs), and develop Performance Measures to track mission performance? Performance Management is one of their four competencies. manpower
What are the three steps to the Performance Measures development? Identify the MET, Establish Performance Measures, and Determine the Conditions
What is a critical task that a unit must perform to successfully accomplish the mission? MET
What is a standard? Minimum acceptable level of performance
What is a target? To stretch a units performance beyond the minimum required.
What are used in the MET lists development process to express variable of the environment that affect task performance? Conditions
What is the AFs construct for a continual performance improvement system that focuses on mission accomplishment? Performance Management
How many performance measures will each MET have? At least one
What is a quantitative measure to indicate level of mission performance? Performance Measure
Fundamental requisite for the performance or accomplishment of an organizations assigned mission? Mission Essential Task (MET)
How are consultant skills developed? Training, imagination, practical experience, and commercial publications
Who do you represent when you come in contact with a customer? The entire manpower career field
What are the 5 basic phases to consultation? Feasibility analysis, planning, data and fact gathering, analysis, and implementation
During what phase do you decided if you have the ability to complete the study? Feasibility Analysis Phase
What phase is when milestones are reached? Planning Phase
The four main concerns in developing details of the study plans and schedules are? Available time and talent, knowledge gained during the feasibly phase, the client consultant agreement, and complexity of the problem under study
What are the 5 things to consider during the study planning phase? What data is needed, What personnel are needed, how the work is to be divided, how study findings are to be coordinated, is there going to be a test period
During phase 3 Data and Fact gathering you need to gather data to verify opinions are? Facts
How do we gain information when gathering data? Documentation and historical records, interviews, observation, questionnaire
Flow process charting, Layout analysis, Systems procedure analysis, work distribution, histogram chart, cause and effect, control charting, and pareto analysis are techniques to find solutions in what phase? Phase 4 Analysis Phase
When are follow up studies conducted? After the trial period
Formal Studies are like consultation studies except they require? More documentation
Decreased cycle times, improved work procedures, improved use of critical personnel skills, work quality, or decreased resource expenditures are all goals of? Consultation study
Which phase is the What phase? Feasibility
What phase is the How phase? Plan
Benchmarking is simply? Copy and Paste practices that have been proven to improve performance.
Why do we benchmark? Find ways to do things better, faster, and cheaper
A type of benchmarking where we look within our organization to see if there are practices that we do well? Internal Benchmarking
Type of benchmarking that relates to looking within your industry to find the best in class? Competitive Benchmarking
Concentrates on who or what is best for a given process, inside or outside your industry? Functional Benchmarking
Type of benchmarking where a particular function at two or more companies independent of their industry? Generic
What are the four phases in benchmarking process? Planning, Collecting, analyzing, and adapting
What is the process where the government in-house cost estimate (based on MEO) is compared to a competitive bid from the private sector? OMBC A-76
What program does the AF manage its competitive sourcing efforts with? Air Force Commercial Activities Program (AFCAP)
What is a recurring service that could be performed by the private sector? Commercial Activities (CA)
What program do we rely on private sector to provide service, and the government divests itself of the entire process, including all assets? Privatization
What program do we rely on private sector to provide service, but the government retains ownership and control over the operations? Competitive Sourcing
What are the applicable CA program activities? All USAF activities, Joint Activities (if AF is executive agent), Non-Appropriated Funds (with 1+ Gov. worker), any function already converted.
What are the non-applicable CA program activities? Contrary to law, Overseas, C Revenue (NAF) employees, In times of declared war, converting military to civilian
What happens to military personnel once a functional area has been identified to be cost compared? Placed on hold status
What offices are involved in the cost comparison process? Competitive Sourcing Management Steering Group (CSMSG) to include (Manpower and Organization activity, Human Resource Advisor, Civilian Personnel Officer, servicing Military Personnel Flight, Contracting,FM, Staff Judge Advocate,CE,PA,OPR
Who Develops Performance Work Statement (PWS), Performance Plan, Most Efficient Org (MEO), Positions Descriptions for the MEO? Functional OPR and Manpower
Who coordinates and issues solicitation for the bids, presides at pre-bid and proposal conferences, evaluates bids and selects the most advantageous, and assist with development of the PWS? Contracting
Who Analyzes the economic impact of the study? Financial Management
Who conducts position mgt, RIF, incentive and classification, and assist with all civilian personnel actions? Civilian Personnel
What expresses in house manpower requirements that would be necessary if contracted workload were performed in house? Contract Manpower Equivalent (CME)
What is the DoD single approved automated database system used to track all in progress and completed cost comparisons? Defense Commercial Activities Management Information System (DCAMIS)
What is an activity that is so intimately related to the public interest as to mandate performance by government personnel? Inherently Government Activities
What positions directly contribute to the prosecution of War? Military Essentiality
What is included in the solicitation and identifies the technical, functional, and performance characteristics of the agency’s requirements? Performance Based Work Statement
PWS describes the _______ not the how? What
Who is responsible for maintaining accurate AF Inherently governmental/commercial activates (IGCA) inventory data codes in MPES? MAJCOMS
Who many days do MAJCOMS have to update the IGCA data codes? 90 Days
Who is required to maintain an accurate inventory of its CAs? Each Installation
What step of the 8 step Competitive Sourcing Process are we to decide whether a competition is to be standard or streamlined? Step 1 Preliminary Planning Process (P3)
Who are granted authority to determine which functions to nominate for competitive sourcing? MAJCOMS
P3 can last up to how long? 6 months
Which Competition has at least one but less than 10 DoD civilian Employees? Streamlined
A streamlined competition should not exceed ____ days from public announcement? 90
Which Competition has more than 10 DoD civilian Employees? Standard Competition
A standard Competition should not exceed ______ months from public announcement? 12 months
A standard Competition should not exceed ______ months from public announcement? Step 2 Make public Announcement
Which step do we develop the AFCAP products? Step 3 Develop AFCP products
What two AFCAP products are produced in step 3? Performance Work Statement (PWS) and Performance Plan
What does the performance plan prescribe? How we are going to QA
In what step is the government developing its proposal to perform the work described in the PWS? Step 4 Develop and Issue Solicitation
What step is the Agency Tender Developed? Step 5
In a standard competition what is included in the Agency Tender? MEO, ACE, MEO Quality Control Plan, MEO phase in Plan, Subcontract List
In a streamlined competition what is included in the Agency Tender? MEO and ACE though not defined
The MEO is developed using the ______ approach, at a minimum it will include MO, Contracting, FAM, CPF, MPF, Finance, and Judge Advocates. Team
What is a comprehensive document that includes a thorough analysis of task to be performed, planned, management improvements, and total cost impact? Agency Tender (AT)
Who selects the appropriate bid? Contracting
If the final decision is in the favor of the government what must begin? MEO Phase in plan
How often are the MEO reported into Defense Commercial Activities Management Information System? Quarterly
Who submits reports into DCAMIS quarterly? Manpower
Productivity improvement program designed to attain national economic strength by relying of the private sector? AF CA program
Accurately describes the essential and technical requirements? Performance Work Statement
Improve effectiveness and economy in DOD operations by eliminating duplicate support services? goal of support agreements
This is the merging of functional support resources of both host and tenant. Most preferred and least costly? Consolidation
This duplication is the independent operation, by both host and tenant of similar support activities at the same installation or area. Least preferred and most costly Functional Duplication
This is the concurrent use of facilities by both the host and tenant? Joint Use
Is normally considered the tenant? Receiver
Are normally the host and the one that provides the support? Supplier
If there is not manpower impact what must state no manpower impact and be signed? DD Form 1144
Who prepares the support agreement? The supplier
Who develops the idea program? HQ USAF/A1m
Who manages the idea program? AFMA
Who administers the idea program and markets it locally? Base Manpower
What Is a centralized area incorporating all approved and disapproved ideas? Idea Pool
Who determines if an idea meets the eligibility criteria but does not evaluate the idea? Base Idea Analyst (IA)
How long does the individual retain ownership of an idea? 1 year
For an individual outside of their work center how much will they get for tangible and intangible ideas? 15% up to $10,000 $200 for intangible
For an individual inside of their work center how much will they get for tangible and intangible ideas? 3% must be more than $20k nothing for intangible
What are the 2 Productivity Enhancing Capital Investments? FASCAP and Productivity Investment Fund (PIF)
Which Program is for over $200,000 invested, must be paid back in 48 months, and is funded by HQ? PIF
Which program is for 200,000k or less, must be paid back in 24 months, and is funded by the MAJCOM, FOA, or DRU? FASCAP
Which program includes both equipment and facilities? PIF
Which program is for equipment only? FASCAP
Commands may reinvest savings to satisfy valid? Unfunded requirements
Who must commands return any manpower resources they do not need to satisfy valid unfunded requirements? HQ USAF
What award is for outstanding team performance and shares best practices within the AF? Chief of Staff team Excellence Award
Recognizes individuals and small groups of military who have made substantial improvement of over 1 million dollars. AF Productivity Award
How often is the Presidents Quality Award updated? Yearly
What system would you use to query data Across all AF MAJCOM’s and build command specific projects? MPES
Under what tab are reference data/tables located? Tools
What items/areas should you consider when reviewing an ACR? AFMS, UMD, SA, Zero Balance Action, CPF, Organizational Impact, Wartime Impact, Rationale for Change, Coordination, Hold Status
Once you have completed your analysis on an ACR, what is your next step as a manpower technician? Write the recommendation to approve/disapprove the request
What are reasons for using an ACR? Increase, decrease, realignments of manpower authorizations Changes in AFSC Adjustments in grades of skill levels Deviations from norms or standards Org or mission changes
What are reasons for not using an ACR? Inadequate organizational structure (use OCR instead) Poor supervision, personality conflicts, lack of skills Self-imposed or peaking workloads, poor use of personnel
What is GPRA’s goal and what must managers be empowered with to accomplish results? GRPA’S goal is an effective, efficient and results-based government. Managers cannot be held accountable for results unless they are empowered with the authority and discretion needed to accomplish results.
What is a mission performance report used for? A mission performance report is a key component of task assurance. It is a continuous feedback mechanism through which commanders may asses their unit mission performance against established standards and targets (METS).
Name 4 places where you may gain the necessary knowledge to provide consultation services. Formal training, imagination, practical experience and commercial publications.
During Phase 2, Planning Phase, of consultation studies; what are the four main concerns in developing details of the study plans and schedules? Available time and talent, knowledge gained during feasibility phase, the client-consultation agreement, and the complexity of the problem under study.
What are three reasons for benchmarking and why is it important to the Air Force? Better, faster, cheaper. It is important because it is directly tied to a units METs.
What is the goal of support agreements? Improve effectiveness and economy in DOD operations by eliminating duplicate support services.
This duplication is the independent operation, by both host and tenant of similar support activities at the same installation or area. Functional duplication
Who prepares a support agreement identifying recurring support requirements based on specific support functions, related responsibilities, and reimbursement cost? Supplier
Name the 4 instances the CA Program applies. -All USAF activities -Joint activities where AF is the executive agent -NAF activities when they are partially staffed with government personnel -Any function already converted regardless of the number of DOD employees
What is the difference between competitive sourcing and privatization? Competitive Sourcing-government retains ownership and control over operations of the activity Privatization-government divests itself of the entire process, including all assets
What is the government’s staffing plan of the agency tender, developed to represent the agency’s most efficient and cost-effective organization for public-private competition? MEO-Most Efficient Organization
This item is also required for all standard competitions, and must be developed for any competition involving 10 or more civilian employees. MEO-Most Efficient Organization
Who is responsible for maintaining accurate IGCA inventory data codes in MPES? MAJCOMs
What is a Performance Work Statement? The what-statement in the solicitation that identifies the technical,functional,and performance char. of the agency’s reqmts. The PWS is performance based and describes the agency’s needs. PWS will not be developed until the public announcement.
What is the merging of functional support resources of both host and tenant into one function? Consolidation
What is the difference between a FASCAP and PIF? FASCAP-Up to 200K; must amortize within 24 months PECI-More than 200K; must amortize within 48 months
Which award recognizes outstanding team Performance and shares best practices within the Air Force? Chief of Staff Team Excellence Award
What is the DOD database for all in-progress and completed cost comparisons? How often do manpower offices submit reports to their commands using this system? •DCAMIS •Submitted quarterly
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