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Brian Carey LODD

NIOSH Report of Brian Careys LODD

What was the date of the fire? March 30,2010
How did they find the victims? The victim was found wrapped in the 2 1/2 inch hoseline that had ruptured and without his facepiece on.
What were some of the contributing factors? Well involved fire with entrapped civilian/incomplete 360 situational size up/inadequate risk versus gain anaylsis/
What is the MABAS definition in this report? THis allows the fire chief and incident commanders to focus on operational needs during a serious incident, knowing that a predetermined set of resources is responding upon issuance of a single order by command.
Who assigned the first ambulance on scene to fire suppression duties? Upon arrival the first ambulance on scene was immediately assigned fire suppression duties by the IC.
When was the incident upgraded to a "Box" alarm? The incident was upgraded to a "Box" after the flashover occured and the report of a downed fire fighter.
What firegroung channel was used for this inicdent? The incident used the red fireground channel.
What is the resoning behind having a stationary command post? A SOG requiring that all incident commanders maintain a non-mobile command post whithina vehichle from a visible location. To monitor all radio channels, especially IFERN and fire ground channels.
What type of apparatus is E534? engine
What type of apparatus is A564? ambulance
Was there a scene size up by T1220? No
Did IC upgrade the incident to a Box Alarm? No
What did he request? An "EMS" box
What consists of the "turn out gear" for a fire fighter? coat, pants, helment, gloves boots SCBA with PASS device
Did the victim enter the house wearing his face piece? No
Did any of the turn out gear have direct contribution of the death or injury to the fire fighter? No
Was the victims PASS alarm activated when he was found? Yes
Where was the male fire fighters handheld radio found? Back pocket of his station pants which made it inaccessible after donning his turn out gear.
Did FF2 and FF3 gain entry to the home with a hoseline? No
What was the job of the victim and the injured FF? To assist the search and rescue operation being performed by T1220 and fire suppression
Did the IC get a full scene size up? No
Did the injured Fire Fitghers gear melt to the floor of the living room> Yes
Was the 2 1/2 (hose) fully intact when they followed into the home? No it was ruptured
How many minutes from the time FD went on scene when the flashover happened? 8 minutes
What was the cause of the LODD Carbon Monoxide Intoxication
What were the injuries of the fire fighter? 2nd 3rd degree burns to her lower back and buttocks and right wrist.
How long does a proper scene size up last? A proper scene size up begins from the moment of the alarm is received and it continues until the fire is under control.
List some factors involving the scene size up fire size location length of time the fire has been burning,conditions on arrival,occupancy fuel load and presenceof hzmat,exposures time of day available staffing on scene or enroute, and weather conditions.
What is situational awareness is a hightly critical aspect of human descion making, the understanding of what is happening around you, projecting future situation events, complrehending information and its relevance being realistic and an indiv perception
What is survivability profiling? Uses the knowlegde learned of fire behavior and sperad,smoke and building construction to examine a situation and make an intelligent decision of whether to commit fire fighters to life saving and or interior operations
How is fire flow calculated? amount of water in gallons per minutes needed to extinguish a fire in a specific structure.
Does the IC need to reassess his assests onscene? Yes
What is a flashover? A sudden increase in heat and rollover within the ceiling level.
What is ventilation? Systematic removal of heated air,smoke and fire gases
What are the stages of a fire? The incipient stage starts with ignition,followed by growth,fully developed and decay stages.
What is the first rull for FF's in an emergency? Not to panic
Should EMS be on scene of all working structure fires according to the NIOSH report? YES
What is the problem with having multiple channels to monitor? Having the IC taking his eyes off of the scene for a moment could be extremely detrimental to the management of the incident.
What is PAR? Personnel Accountablity Report, which is an organized on scene roll call in which each supervisor reports status of his crew when requested by IC.
Who has overall authority of the scene of an incident of this type? IC
Created by: Buecomm
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