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C/T Pathology 1

C & T Spine Pathology 1

What are the 8 mechanical disorders? Postural Syndrome OA/Spondylosis/Stenosis Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) Myelopathy Herniated Nucleus Pulposus (HNP)/Radiculopathy Facet Joint Dysfunction Whiplash (traumatic disorder) Acute Torticollis (congenital disorder)
Postural Syndrome Pain with static positioning, especially occupational; Slow onset; Sedentary individuals; Cumulative positional pain (repetitive, often at spinal "transitional areas")
Central Stenosis? Lateral Stenosis? UMN? LMN? Radiculitis? CS- SC impingement LS- nerve rt. impingement UMN- Babinski, spastic, abn reflexes, passive neck flexion radiates pn down spine, hyperreflexia LMN- hyporeflexia, wkness, decreased sensation Radiculitis- radiating pn from neck due to pinched nn
Cervical Spinal Stenosis degenerative disease where SC &/or neural foramina narrow & compress the SC &/or nerve roots
Lateral Stenosis Radiculopathy s/sx; UE s/sx relieved w/ traction; Hyporeflexia; Dermatomal distribution of compressed nerve root; ROM restricted: extension & ipsilateral SB increase s/sx; Spurlings (+)
Central Stenosis SC (myelopathy); UMN s/sx; cervical ROM limited in all planes; Spurling's expected to be (-); Manual traction (-)
Spondylosis Disorder that narrows spinal canal in the neck compressing the SC or nerve roots
Degenerative Disc Disease Incidence high in people 50+ y.o.; C5-6 & C6-7 most commonly affected; Associated findings: disc degeneration, osteophyte formation; IV discs lose flexibility, elasticity, & shock absorptio; Ligaments surrounding disc become brittle & are more easily torn
Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy Due to degenerative or congenital narrowing of spinal canal (causes SC compression); could have UE/LE s/sx; Early complaints: sensory disturbance in hand, intrinsic mm wasting in hands, unsteadiness during walking
Herniated Disc w/ & w/o radiculopathy Can be 2ndary to macro or repeated microtrauma; may be due to chemical irritation; soft disc NP material in canal, hard disc AF material in canal
How many months of conservative rx are required for hernaited disc before surgery is attempted? 3 months
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