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Drivers Ed Quiz 1

What does HTS stand for? Highway Transportation System
What is the Highway Transportation System? A system made up of all the roadways,motor vehicles and people.
Requires all safety features in new vehicles such as seatbelts and shatterproof glass, also regualtes any recalls. The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act
Sets guidelines such as vehicle registration, inspection, and highway construction and maintence. The National Highway Safety Act
Give a Federal Law. No drinking and driving
Give a State Law. Age for license,speed limits, tinted windows, cell phones
Give a Local Law. Right turn on red, cell phones
You have a 1 in ___ likelihood or being in an accident this year. 9
1 in 83 chance of a _____ injury. Disabling
___% of deaths in 15-20 year olds involve car accidents 35
___% of deaths occur in the first car accident 85
___% of accidents involve one car 39
List 3 ways to reduce the risk of an accident. Maintain your vehicle, work at driving, and anticipate actions of others
What does SIPDE stand for? Search, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute
Define in sentences SIPDE. Search- see the road and off road for info Indetify-objects ahead that may cause interferance Predict- any actions or changes that could increase the risk Decide-what is the action you should take Execute- do your decision
What is the Smith System? Aim high, keep your eyes moving, get the big picture, make sure others see you and leave yourself an out.
What are some poor vision problems? depth perception, color blindness, night blindness
While driving you start to get drowsy, what should you do? pull over and take a nap
List some things that bring on fatige. stress, illness, boredom, over eating, alcohol, warm car
How does fatigue effect driving? Impairs vision, miss signals & sounds & sights, reaction time is slower
A drowsy state of mind thay may occur during long hours of driving. Highway Hypnosis
What is the leading cause of traffic fatalities? Lack of sleep
People under the age of what have the highest violations? 25
What 6 categories to people under the age of 25 violate most? speeding, DWI Drugs/Alcohol, ignoring traffic control devices, improper passing, not yielding to right away and illegal turning
What is the most important rule while driving? Driving defensively
Driving to save lives, time and money, in spite of conditions around you and the actions of others. Defensive driving
cut people off, tailgating and speeding. Agressive driving
Scan the road ahead of you, check mirror every 5 secs,stay focused on driving, use what if strategy Collision Prevention Formula
Know what to do to avoid traffic hazard, know the consequences of driving choices Understand the Defense
Be alert and concentrate on driving, choose safest driving behavoior Act Correctly in Time
Created by: AmandaaC