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PA: Cold Modalities

What are the physiologic responses of cryotherapy? 1. Vasoconstriction 2. Decreased inflammation 3. Decreased spasm therefore increased ROM 4. Increased pain threshold
How is cooling accomplished? By removing heat from an object
What ways does cooling occur? Conduction Convection Evaporation
What is conduction? Transfer of heat by direct interaction
What are some examples of conduction? Ice packs Cold water immersion Ice water filled cuffs
What are the four sensations you will feel with cryotherapy? Cold Burning Aching Numb
Why is convection rarely used? Because you have to put them in a gravity dependent position which doesn't help with edema
What is convection? Direct connection between skin and MOVING fluid
What is an example of convection? Cold whirlpool
What are evaporative cold therapies used for? Trigger points before stretch
What is an example of an evaporative cold therapy? Vapocoolant spray
What are some hemodynamic effects of cold agents? Immediate vasoconstriction
What are some peripheral nerve effects of cold agents? Alteration of conduction velocity Failure to conduct impulses Cooling to 56 degrees blocks A fibers
What are some effects on the muscle due to cold agents? Increase in strength after 5 mins of ice massage (due to smpathetic response which would bring blood to area) Decrease in strength after 30 mins of immersion in 10-12 decree water
What are some neromuscular effects of cold agents? Help reduce spasticity
What are the primary goals of cryotherapy? Limit edema Reduce pain Muscle relaxation/contraction Limit secondary hypoxic tissue injury
What is the goal for helping spasticity? Decrease tone to allow for increased movement
Where are ice massages typically done? Muscle belly Tendon Bursa Trigger points
What are the water temperature ranges for cold baths? 13-18 degrees C
What temperature range are controlled cold compression units set at? 10-25 degrees C
What are some contraindications of cold? Uticaria Cold intolerance Cryoglobulinemia Raynauds disease Over a regenerating peripheral nerve Over an area of circulatory compromise Over an area of PVD
What are some precautions of cold? Hypertension Over a superficial nerve Over an open wound Poor sensation Poor cognition Very young or very old Aversion to cold
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