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PA: Pain

What are the best predictors of chronic pain? Level of happiness at home Level of happiness at work
What are the 4 sources of pain? Peripheral nociceptive Peripheral neurogenic Central Pain Symathetic Nervous System
What is peripheral nociceptive pain? Pain transmitted via A delta and C fibers to dorsal horn and brain
What is peripheral neurogenic pain? Injury to peripheral nervous system or to a nerve
What is central pain? Creates abnormal pain states
What is allodynia? Pain prevoked by stimulus that doesn't typically cause pain
What is hyperalgesia? Hightened response to pain
What is chronic pain? Pain lasting longer than 6 months
What type of pain falls under sympathetic nervous system? Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
What did CRPD used to be called? Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome
What is Type I CRPD? ANYTHING touching them hurts (putting on jeans)
What are s/s of chronic pain? Depressed, can't sleep, fatigued
What is Type II CRPD? Peripheral nerve distribution
Which type of fibers are faster and larger? A delta fibers (they are mylenated)
Primarily what kind of nociceptors are A delta fibers? Mechanical nocicetors
What type of sensation would you feel with A delta fibers? Sharp, pricking sensation for a short duration
What type of fibers make up the majority of nociceptors? C fibers
What are C fibers sensitive to? VERY intense mechanical and temperature
What are the 4 types of mechanoreceptors? Meissner's Corpuscles Pacinian corpuscles Merkel's Discs Ruffini Ending
What are meissner's corpuscles sensitive to? Light touch (unmyelinated)
What are pacinian corpuscles sensitive to? Deep pressure, vibration
What are Merkel's discs sensitive to? Pressure and texture
What are ruffini endings sensitive to? Constant pressure
What are krause's end bulbs sensitive to? Cold temperatures
Afferent messages enter the spine via what? The dorsal portion of the spinal nerve
Two point discrimination and proprioception enter via what? Medial portion of the dorsal root
Nociception enters through what? Lateral portion of the dorsal root
What are the 4 parks of the spinothalamic tract? Discriminative pain Temperature Crude touch Pressure
What does discriminative pain tell you? Type and location of pain
What is the primary nociceptive pathway? Discriminative pain
What is the spinothalamic tract part of? The anterolateral system
What two parts of the spinothalamic tract come off the lateral portion of the anterolateral system? Discriminative pain Temperature
What two parts of the spinothalamic tract come off the anterior portion of the anterolateral system? Crude touch Pressure
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