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Fine Arts Musical

Blue Box Questions

How is music a global phenomanon? Comes from different nations and cultures. Exists all over the world.
How is ethnic diversity important to our culture? When we have other ideas styles and traditions which combined gives us a variety of music.
How is the U.S. diverse? America is becoming more and more global and more influenced by other cultures.
How can lables be helpful? They help to organize musical styles.
How are lables not helpful? Music labels are not always accurate. It is often hard to classify a song under one set lable.
What are the four main voice ranges in music, from highest to lowest? Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass
What is an artist? Someone who performs and communicates emotion to an audience.
When does sound become music? Music is sounds that are "pleasing" to the ear. Silence and sound organized.
How is music an art? Music is expresive, shows feeling.
How is Music expressive? Music affects people. Generates emotion.
How is Music a Science? Acoustics: the science of sound. Music technology. Sound waves forming.
Tone Quality Based on how an instrument is formed.
How is music horizontal? How music is written out on the page left to right.
How is music verticle? When pitches are happening at the same time. (ex. Chords)
The Elements of music? Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, etc...
Who are Roger D. Abraham and George Foss? Wrote the book "Anglo-American Folksong Style" in 1968 illustrating the concept/idea of how the lyrics change in fold-songs over time.
Who is Fransis James Child? Collector of folk songs in the 19th Century. Published 305 traditional Englsih and Scottish child Ballads known as the "Child Ballads." (Barbry allen is one of these)
Who is Jean Ritchie? One of the most well known traditional folk singers in America.
What is strophic form? Each stanza is set to the same music regardless of the meaning and mood of the text.
What is tone bending? A slight lowering of the pitch and then a return to the meaning and mood of the text.
What is a Revival? A resurgence of (or a return) to popularity of an existing style.
What is Urban Folk Revival? Popular artist began recording folk songs in the 1960's.
Who is Bob Dylan? The Legendary folk singer/songwriter of the 1960's, helped create folk rock style.
What is Urban Blues?
Created by: MrsLippig
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