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Ancient Greece

ASU Theater second test

Athens (considered) Cradle of Western Civilization
what were they known for inventors of democracy
what did they use as labor slaves
what about women in the society women had no public role
What was the basis behind Greek drama human characters control their own destiny
what did they believe happines was? harmony between human and supernatural forces
When were greek dramas presented at festivas honoring Dionysus
Who is Dionysus god of wine and fertility
By 5th century Athens how many festivals occured 4
out of these 4 festivals how many had plays presented? 3
What was the name of the major festival City Dionysia
what happened in 534 bc establishment of a contest for best tragedy
who was the first winner of 534bc Thespis
from this winners name what do we get today? the name commonly given to actors "thespian"
how many dramatists competed at each City Dionysia three tragic dramatists
what did each writer present 4 plays; 3 tragedies and one satyr
What is a satyr play short, comic, poked fun at Greek myth using a chorus of "satyrs"
when was a satyr play presented after the tragedies
how many tragedies were produced at each C.D 9...900 during 5th cent.
how many have survived 32
who wrote these surviving plays Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides
what was considered to be the finest play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles
when was this "finest play" performed about 430 bc
Created by: kpacheco